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    Steroid and Testosterone information
  2. General Conversation
    OMG. I hope someone else is watching this!?! hilarious and cringe at the same time,
  3. General Conversation
    Yeah, as the title says, told my old man I'm on steroids literally the first week I started taking them, gave me some banter over the phone "I've been natural all my life blahblahblah" and that was it (or so I thought). I'm very very open about my steroid usage to the point it actually makes my...
  4. General Conversation
    Hey guys!! Im sloth lesnar and i now have a new youtube channel. im so nice im posting them here or come to my channel and admire me there
  5. Getting Started
    I have just managed to get a multi gym off ebay really cheap its a york 1003, i have set it up and im ready to use it the question is, as well as my 2.5mile 7.5mile/week run could someone be kind enough to draw me a basic work out to get me started? im 6 foot 1, 102kg, male, slight belly and...
  6. General Conversation
    isit like compulsory if you go to the gym to wear tight tops out or isit just me haha !
  7. Getting Started
    Just wondering are drop sets any good for bulking because i have been told by a friend of my who is a body builder an competes (but is a ryt arrogant **** and nothing wat anyone else does is ok) has told me that i need to stop doin these things and super sets and only do 5 sets of 5 on a heavy...
  8. General Conversation
    I have noticed everyone is calling themselves mightymariner pmsl
  9. General Conversation
    :becky: well memory has gone lol anyway either 3 or 4 weeks back at training leg press 7 plates a side so 140k a side nice strict movements started doing squats last week before now 6 months ago 90 k was my best today 105k squats for 3 sets then onto leg press built up to 140k a side did 3...
  10. Welcome Lounge
    hiya, i had this forum saved to my bookmark for weeks so i thought to my self why not just join the forum. im not really into forum so dont bully me! i dont really know what i should say here...
  11. Steroid and Testosterone information
    hi im in glasgow, living just wondering if any one knows how hgh blue will do, 200 stromba or whinnies pill form, and 60 t3s would help as im busy dieting and fancy alittle boost lol pm me if u have any suggestions?
  12. Welcome Lounge
    hi i just fond this site, and i just been having a look, and i no most off you from u,k,m,,:high5:
  13. Losing Weight
    Whilst wandering around the city and looking for a gym to join for a month, one of the most expensive (£50 "half price" joining fee, £80.50/month minimum 3 month commitment) "health clubs" that I went to introduced me to this technology that I'm sure many of you probably know about anyway...
  14. Welcome Lounge
    Hey all, just a quick note to say hi again. I used this site for a while a few years ago and was thankful to see it was not only still running but better than ever! I've started off my blog if anyone wants a look, it'll save me writing the same thing in two posts I guess, regarding a bit about...
  15. General Conversation
    right then who shaves it off, Been thinking today lol
  16. Hi

    General Conversation
    I thought I was new here, but apparently I registered a while back. Look forward to posting with you all. :)
  17. Member Journals
    its a pic of me LOL i know im a skiny kid lol only 16 though lol this is a pic before i use San V12 and Reflex instant mass LOL HERE U ARE FEEL FREE TO TAKE THE PISS LOL :P :P
  18. Getting Started
    any 1 know if ab toners work if so wot 1's how much and where from?
  19. Member Journals
    Hey guys Hope this works! Well better take the first few steps I guess. The first pic is from back in March 2003 when I was about 18stone 10lbs (Yes it is an Aston Martin Im in but no its not mine DOH! The next pic was taken before I went home for Xmas from uni. 14 stone dead. I have lost...
1-19 of 19 Results