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  1. Strength Training & Powerlifting
    So I'm gonna be on the bodybuildingrev strength wars show, theyre coming over to film it tomorrow, problem is I have a minorly torn tricep tendon, got the new metal orange slingshot to try rehab it, here 23 reps with 140kg in it at 90kg...
  2. Strength Training & Powerlifting
    Morning guys, My wraps have been stolen. Had some maxi nutrition ones I bought on sale. Really good as well. I'm after a new pair. I have big-ish knees, big thighs. Can someone please recommend me a pair for around £20 or under? Cheers Ed
  3. Getting Started
    Hi all, I've dabbled in and out the gym for a few years now, mainly for enjoyment reasons but recently I've enjoyed the gains and ive started taking it all a bit more serious since people have noticed the gains and commented more regularly. I have a good knowledge of the gym/exercises and ive...
  4. Member Journals
    A little about myself; I have been back into bodybuilding now for about 12 months. I used to be a karate instructor and also used to lift a little (but if I'm honest karate always took first place) Nearly 7 years ago I had an accident at work which left me with a prolapsed disc. For 4 years...
  5. Gaining Weight
    is it a fact that dead lifts are great for bulking?? it keeps coming up on forums and the like but is it true? i might have to include them into my routine if its going to gain me a few extra pounds. what do we think people?
  6. Food, Diet and Nutrition Info
    Hello. Just a short question really. Does your diet effect your max lift/how much you can lift and for how many reps? My diet is not brilliant and im wondering if I was to really clean it up would I see big lifting progress in the gym? ~Thanks
1-6 of 6 Results