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  1. General Conversation
    Please Sign :)
  2. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Anybody used these? Any feedback?
  3. General Conversation
    Anyone work in this field? I have a telephone interview coming up for a role in this field working for a large company. I have prepared all the usual stuff to expect i.e, times you gave excellent customer-service, how you handled difficult customers etc... Any advice on sales retention...
  4. Welcome Lounge
    i am a natural for life bodybuilder. i am now in my mid 40's i have not competed in 5 years. but i still can get back into contest again.
  5. Member Journals
    Have added this to Blogs as well but thought I'd post in this section as well. Am getting a bit sloppy after a 4 week strength training cycle and just about to enter a mass training cycle but with some cardio thrown in. Great news also that that the work's IT department seem to have let access...
  6. Losing Weight
    Got a couple of bottles of lean r which appear to have no expiry date on them, just wondering if anyone knows how long till this stuff goes bad and cant be used? Its in the older style bottle (white), probably had it around 9-10months now. What do you think, will it be ok to use ?
  7. General Conversation
    The pic says it all!
  8. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Ok, I just found 35 tabs of Nolvadex that I kept in a sealed container. I purchased them between 2000 and 2002. I read an article that said the shelf life is 5 years if kept below 30 Celsius degrees, which they have been. It's right around 5 years if they were purchased in 2000. Looking at the...
1-8 of 8 Results