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  1. Supplementation
    Hello everyone, I broke my leg 6 weeks ago and my cast is coming off on Thursday (yippee). Before I broke my leg I used to train 5 times a week weightlifting and also did Thai boxing twice a week. You can imagine how frustrated I've been over the last few weeks not being able to exercise, apart...
  2. Getting Started
    Question for everyone to think about, how do we build good legs is it high reps say 4 sets of 20 squats or 4 sets of pyramid training ? Answers on a post card pls lol
  3. Member Journals
    sometime last year slowly getting there..... below is today
  4. Getting Started
    I just want to know if anybody has done this type of 1 i do in the gym hanging leg raises ( leave your legs up) then start doing pull ups...Its a killer. I just never seen it done before, It might be just a crazy 1 i made up:becky:
  5. Getting Started
    About 6 months ago I realised it had been ages since I did any kind of squats so I slung 10kg on each side of the smith machine and attempted to get my form back. After about 3 reps I started getting a pain similar to a serious cramp in my Abductors (rear inside thighs) I latched the bar and...
  6. Female Bodybuilding
    Rachael can you give us a run down of your leg/glute workout for both off season and pre-comp please
  7. Getting Started
    My thieghs are totally disproportionate to the rest of my body, unlike most peoples problems mine are too big compared instead of too small. It will help more when ive dropped some more % in fat but my actual mucles are huge and im not sure what to do. Its mostly the front and sides (yes i...
  8. Female Bodybuilding
    I added thickness on my hams doing these:
  9. Getting Started
    Would appreciate opinions on advantages and disadvantages of leg press against sqwats. :)
1-9 of 10 Results