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  1. Supplementation
    Hi, Has anyone on here tried Lean-R if so, how did you find it. I've read that you should avoid taking late in the day as it can make you restless during the night, however it says to take a serving before / with breakfast and a serving before a workout, I workout in the evening so am I better...
  2. Supplementation
    How long do the effects of the gurana and heating your body last? I ask because i have trouble sleeping from time to time so i wouldn't want to take something thats going make that worse. Cheers
  3. Supplementation
    Going to start using lean-r for a while & see how it goes it arrived today. The web-site says that something in it is banned by wada & the label on it says that it is IOC testing safe. Unfortunately my sporting exploits are such that a drug testy is highly highly unlikely so I not too...
  4. Supplementation
    This is for Extreme, I'm on a cut now so i would just like to know if the red Lean-r is worth taking. Do they work well??
  5. Supplementation
    Hi folks. I've got my LEAN-R through yesterday with a view to taking them before cardio sessions twice a week. Is it also worth taking some before my workouts too ? Will I see any benefit from that ?
  6. Losing Weight
    Is this a good alternative to an ECA stack?
  7. Supplementation
    im guessing extreme is the best to answer this but anybody with an opinion please post.... My wife is thinking about fat loss supplements.. she would normally use CLA/kelp. she suffers from migraine and takes atenolol (Beta Blocker) daily for this. so many of the fat burners which aim to mimic...
1-7 of 7 Results