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  1. Getting Started
    hi guys any tips for building a bigger back i am really strugling to build my lats, my arms chest and legs have all exploded but no matter what i try i just cant get my lats to grow any advice? cheers
  2. Getting Started
    Hi, Can anyone help? I'm building a gym in my garage. What I lack is a lat pull down machine. They are all so expensive, so I've been looking at cheapish multi-gyms to provide one. The Iron Man 68kg stack for £199 looks pretty good, but I can't find any reviews. Wide-grip pull ups aren't an...
  3. Getting Started
    need good back routine 2 bring out my lats as i feel they let rest of my body down. at the moment i always start my back routine with deads just love doing them and banging out some heavy weights working set i normally stay arount the 140 mark but some time like doin few power lifts hitting 175...
  4. Getting Started
    My Lats have come on loads in the last few months and i have the 'V' shape. However from the front of my body, when i tense my lats. they are less than impressive. They have no width and look shallow. This is letting me down as from behind they look great. Any ideas/ I include deads and rows...
  5. Getting Started
    I cant pull-up....Thats the problem I understand that If I try evebtually I will be able to pull-up then on to pull-ups .. but my main question is are there any other exercises that might aid in the pull-up journey also I'm wanting to change my lat exercise is there any suggested exercise that...
1-5 of 5 Results