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  1. Getting Started
    Hi, Can anyone help? I'm building a gym in my garage. What I lack is a lat pull down machine. They are all so expensive, so I've been looking at cheapish multi-gyms to provide one. The Iron Man 68kg stack for £199 looks pretty good, but I can't find any reviews. Wide-grip pull ups aren't an...
  2. Getting Started
    Currently do lat pulldowns, pull-ups and bent arm pullovers but never feel that I am really working my lats if you know what I mean. When working other areas such a triceps etc I can feel it burning during and after but not with lats. Tbh I feel that with things such a pulldowns etc my arms...
  3. Getting Started
    hi guys , when i do lat pullldown i struggle to get a burn in my lats as my arms give out first , i try to keep strict form and arc my back slightly but my arms just give out first , anyone got any ideas , thanks
  4. Getting Started
    hello been doing wide grip pull downs on machine. i can also do 8 - 10 wide grip pull ups with a bar. please excuse my ignorance but do they do the exact same muscles, if so are the pull ups better - should i stop the pull down machine and go for the pull ups? cheers mick
  5. Getting Started
    hi people wonder if anyone can help. Last night i was training my back and was doin wide grip lat pull downs and my shoulder (specifically outer deltiod) popped. I have been informed that when using heavier weights and when the weight is returning to its original position, you put more...
1-5 of 6 Results