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  1. Supplementation
    it says no loading phase so does that mean i an not take it on off days?
  2. Supplementation
    Hi all I tried cheap creatine got bloting cramps and really bad diahrrea, tried creapure got the same tried cee and it did not seem to do a lot and to be honst tasted like battery acid! Have seen kre alkalyn and fancy tryin it but after doin a load of money all ready is it any better or could...
  3. Supplementation
    Hi All My diet is high protein / low carb & eating 6 times a day. Training plan: Mon, Wed & Fri = Weights Tues & Thurs = Cardio For the past month I have been taking Grenade Fat Burner tablets as Im trying to lose weight and they have been great, a real help!! Now Im wanting to increase my...
  4. Supplementation
    Im new to this site so im sorry if this subject has appeared before. I have just purchased 120 caps of kre alkalyn and i do not know what sort of dosage im supposed t be taking. On the back of the bottle it says (take 2 tablets in the morning if you are dieting.) ot (for maximum effect take 5-6...
1-4 of 4 Results