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  1. Muscle Research Peptides
    Hi all, I have a weak knee, would TB500 help me fix my problem ? Thanks for any help or suggestions ?
  2. Getting Started
    Do your knees actually get stronger? Or weaker or just stay the same? Mine hurt from squatting and i just need to know can i train through it and build strength.
  3. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Hi Guys, I have been running 750 TEST E 300 DECA 500 EQ per week using Anadrol / DBOL as a pre workout or as and when (pill form) I have been taking the above injectables since November so 8 weeks. The last 3 have really started to cause my knees some grief. I never really have...
  4. Getting Started
    got bad knee any one got tips on faster recovery
  5. General Conversation
    I have slightly bowed legs and have been getting slight pain on the inner knee. I get the pain when i do squats ( with no weight). I'm wondering would i be best to uses the services of a physio of is something that could fix with particular exercises.
  6. General Conversation
    Hi guys, A few years back i dislocated my knee cap an had to have some fluid drained from it. Only recently got into lifting heavy and was wondering if i should start wearing a knee support when doing squats? any advice would be great! :becky:
  7. General Conversation
    Im looking for some knee support when squatting. Im currently only squating 75KG with a smith machine but I don't want to damage my knees and ive seen a few people using knee support bandages etc. Could anyone recommend me anything? ~Thanks
  8. Getting Started
    Hi all, a few months back i started getting pain in both knees, went to the docs and as usual he was less than helpful anyway finally got up to the hospital for xrays, got the results and was told its nothing major just a slight change in my right knee, (so why the pain in my left knee...
  9. Cardio & Fitness
    Hi Guys, after my last gym session it now hurts my knee when I walk. The idea of running/jogging is painful. Its not terrible but not good. I was wondering, if I did cardio like cycling where im not constantly banging my knee is this going to cause more damage or would it be ok. Thanks Steve
  10. Welcome Lounge
    does anyone know how long a twisted knee takes to heal
  11. Getting Started
    Its a bit ironic really. I asked a question a few days back on what to do when you run out of weights on the leg press machine. I have solved my own problem cos I have buggered up my knee, :shock: Basically last Monday, I was training legs hard. However Tue/wed I started feeling this little...
1-11 of 15 Results