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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, I have a weak knee, would TB500 help me fix my problem ? Thanks for any help or suggestions ?
  2. Pain under kneecap

    Hi all, So I've had a little accident in the gym last week Friday. Usually have a spotter when I'm doing squats, but this time I was by myself. Thought I'd do a last set of six 120kgs squats. Wrong decision. The very last rep I went down and couldn't get the bar up at all. I was in a deep squat position as I was doing my squats deep. I knew I would have to get the bar off my back. So I lowered myself backwards (as in sitting on the floor), and that way the bar fell onto the safety grips. I stood up, continued my workout, but when I went to the leg press I could feel a sharp pain right in the corner under my knee cap on the outer side. It is a very acute pain that I get when I do a certain move. A standing quads stretch is one that really triggers it. I've seen a physiotherapist who thinks it's an issue with the fat pad. As I understand he believes it was compressed and is somewhat inflamed. Has anybody got experience with this type of injury and could let me know how they got on with it? I don't feel it when I do normal activities, but I'm very conscious of it so I'm somewhat restriction the movements that I make. Any experience is welcome! Thanks all.
  3. Knee Arthroscopy - 2 weeks on

    Hi all, I've been weight training naturally for 15 years and last year I managed to get into my best shape ever. Sub 10% body fat after dieting hard over 3-4 months and I was pleased with how I was looking. I shredded 42Ib and was weighing in at 168Ib so not exactly a beast! I'm 5'7 and now 38 years old so getting on a bit! November last year I had an issue with my knee locking up. I had no movement for several days and then noticed my ligaments felt tight from then on. I stopped training and thought it would sort itself out for around 12 months! November this year my knee locked up again for several days so I got a referral from my GP and had an MRI. Oh and I've piled a load of body weight back on through bad diet and not exercising. The MRI results showed an issue around the medial side of knee which made sense as that's where I had great pain when my knee was locked. They suspected also a tear to the ligament. 2 weeks ago I had the arthroscopy operation. Today stitches were removed and the consultant went through the surgery photos. I'd torn 30% of the cruciate ligament taking a chunk of bone with it. The bone was getting caught up in the knee joint which caused the locking (though only twice in 12 months). He had to cut my knee slightly more to retrieve the bone which was around 1cm big. I also had partial meniscus removal due to a tear. The knee is still a bit swollen but I start gentle physio next week which I believe will be things like an exercise bike with little resistance. Right now I am struggling to lift my operated leg up as a leading leg to get up the stairs at home! The consultant hopes I'll build muscle up to support the ligament rather than have to have reconstruction surgery where he mentioned drilling tunnels into the knee bone and taking ligaments from other places to build it back up!? I also have no idea of how or when I did the actual damage. The consultant doesn't think this it was through exercise and more likely from an accident. Physio consultant has already told me when I'm fit enough to only partial squat and would prefer I used leg press as a more ongoing exercise. He said if I was a runner he would have greater concerns but with weights I should be fine. Being compared to Ryan Giggs and Michael Owen didn't sit too well with me. i.e. being told I'm at an age where I shouldn't push myself too hard anymore as I've had my best days! Has anyone on here got any advice for when I return to training from this injury. Do I need to make long term changes to my training and should I be worried about the cruciate having lost 30% of it? Thanks to those that can offer advice. James