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  1. Food, Diet and Nutrition Info
    Havent been on the forum long but from a quick read around it seems a low carb or keto diet for weight loss or even optimal health isn't that popular for most people on the forum and I wondered why that is? It wasn't for me either until a couple of years ago but after experimenting with a keto...
  2. Food, Diet and Nutrition Info
    On youtube there are lots of videos on how to make Keto suitable bread. I think I will be purchasing a bread maker (only to save time doing by hand/oven) and making my own bread that can have while on a keto diet or at least low carb diet for when the craving hits. Ideally I would prefer to...
  3. Food, Diet and Nutrition Info
    I've started a keto diet, or at least started eating cleanly and I am getting there. I basically avoid foods with carbs, no sugar, carbs/starchy foods, etc. By the book, really. I track everything on myfitnesspal app. What I had yesterday: 4 eggs, 350 mushrooms, 100ml milk, 200g broccoli...
  4. Food, Diet and Nutrition Info
  5. Food, Diet and Nutrition Info
    Hi guys, This is now my second time utilizing the DP Keto Diet on a short prep for a contest. If I am not entirely happy about my overall condition running into the last week before show, what would be the protocol with "peaking" if any atall? My instinct tells me that I should just continue...
  6. Losing Weight
    Hi there, I'm 21 years old and have been attempting to bulk for the past 3 months with fairly good results in terms of strength gain. However, I have began to put weight on around my stomach and it is looking bigger around my waist, but this may be due to doing too many deadlifts. I was...
  7. Losing Weight
    Hi ? First I will apologise for this post as it will be long I'm just hoping someone can give me some tips and advice ? I'm Candice and Im 26. I've always been on the heavy side of the scale for most of my life. I was 13st 2lb a few years ago and managed to get that down to 10st 5lb and felt...
  8. Steroid Photos
    Hey ! I am insulin resistant hence i opted for a keto diet and i am planning to start a dianabol only cycle at 10mg or 20mg every day ! I am only 20 so i am getting scared to inject test in my body ! I will do a carb load every 2 weeks ... will i see any dianabol gains on keto? what other orals...
  9. Food, Diet and Nutrition Info
  10. Member Journals
    Hi all, I've been lurking for a long time, and thought it may be a good idea to start a log of my cut. Not only for my benefit and accountability but it may also help other members. Not to mention I value all the advice and knowledge on this forum that has helped me up until now So, in short...
  11. Losing Weight
    After having bulked, I am wondering whether trying DNP + ketosis. The increased energy expenditure plus muscle-sparing properties of ketosis (to an extent) appear to be a no-brainer. Don't think it can be that easy, however. Has anyone tried a Dnp+keto or dnp+ water fast protocol?
  12. Food, Diet and Nutrition Info
    So I'm currently cutting using carb cycling where I only eat carbs around workout times. Normally I just do keto 24/7 when cutting though, but thought this was worth a try. But i'm unsure about carbs around cardio sessions, when carb cycling do you only have carbs around lifting, or is it...
  13. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Any tried running oxys on keto diet to stop the strengh drop and muscle flatness ? Thinking of adding 50-100mg per day, to stay looking fuller. any thoughts ?
  14. Member Journals
    I said I would add a photo, this is my beginning photo, not a gym photo but it's a fairly good start, I am not giving myself a time limited, to lose the weight
  15. Food, Diet and Nutrition Info
    Hi out of sheer curiosity, does anyone else on here follow a ketogenic diet?? For several years I have followed a typical low carb low fat high protein diet, but over the last few weeks have been following a ketogenic diet, just wondered if anyone else had tried it and how they found it. :)
  16. Food, Diet and Nutrition Info
    Ok guys i want your opinion on the best way to carb load while doing a ketogenic style diet. now does anyone have experience with these two approaches after your final depletion workouts! one would do 6 days + zero/v low carb before hand. The first one is too eat strawberries and bananas...
  17. Food, Diet and Nutrition Info
    Hi could someone break down what counts as carbohydrates when on a ketogenic diet? For example - Do sugars count? also i've heard fibre counts? Thanks in Advance
  18. Losing Weight
    Hey dudes(and ladies). Long time no see. I need a little help with dieting and some knowledge on what to do from now on. Last time i got my stats were. 6th april 2015 83kg around 20-21% bf height 183cm now lately ive worked really hard and started a keto diet for a month or so and today i had...
  19. Food, Diet and Nutrition Info
    Im aware that the minimum amount of fat intake is 0.3-0.5g per lb of body weight. However, what is considered the most,1g? Also would this be safe in terms of health aspects as long as its coming from healthy fat sources such as nuts, olive oil etc. Currently maintaining/re comping on 100grams...
  20. Losing Weight
    Hello Last year I managed to lose 4 stone from using a keto diet and a short period on Steak and Eggs. Since last September, university and tendon damage in both feet has helped me put it all back on. I am now standing at 5'7" and 19 stone and 43 years old. Tendons are pretty much ok now and...
1-20 of 28 Results