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  1. Getting Started
    I'm a beginner who wants to to do jumping rope anaerobically?.How many minutes or times should I jump rope for?. When should I deffo stop? (btw, I can take a lot of pain). And finally how many times a day can/should I do it?
  2. General Conversation
    Jump :becky:
  3. Getting Started
    i thought that this was interesting, i havent incorporated power cleans into my routine at all but seeing that all these athletes have some impressive numbers and verts, maybe i should? i was reading about brock lesnar and i found this article, what do you guys think? where can i learn to do...
  4. Getting Started
    I was just reading a magazine and it was mentioning Jumping Squats and Bench Press Throws, where you throw the bar and let go of it and catch it. Just wondered what people thought about these, they don't sound very safe to me so it would be light weights I presume
1-4 of 4 Results