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  1. General Conversation
    For me and many others Bruce Lee was the perfection of physical form and function, a martial arts master. I hope he will always be remembered and that one day the TRUTH about his untimely death will be revealed.
  2. Grappling
    It seems every time I tell someone I do Jujutsu right away their mind goes to BJJ. :mad::mad::mad: To a novice this is understandable but I think those of us in the industry should know better. :mad: Let's have a recap and get a few things straight. This is it's history in reverse, pens at...
  3. Grappling
    That's for the guys (and girls) in London . Bruno Barreto, a black belt under Edson Carvalho (Bahia-Brazil) who recently moved to London is putting together his own team (still under Edson Carvalho's banner) in Leyton / Walthamstow / Clapton area. Currently our schedule is: Mondays /...
1-3 of 4 Results