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  1. General Conversation
    We are looking for London based muscular guys to give away a free protein drink in Central London on 13th March. Hours are 3 or 4 hours between 0630am and 1030am paying £20ph. If interested, please email [email protected] with a pic. Please note this is not cash in hand...
  2. General Conversation
    Okay I need some advice here guys. I graduated 8 months ago with a bad grade (2.2) in maths at a top university. I have OCD and am depressed and it doesn't help that I am unemployed. I'm finding it hard to get work. I have interests in books ( I really wanted to be a writer at one point and...
  3. Muay Thai & Boxing
    Like2Fight gym in Redhill is seeking an experienced Muay Thai fighter to teach all levels including beginners up to fighters on Monday and Wednesday evenings. Call Ricky on 07792 736113 for further details.
  4. General Conversation
    Hi Everyone, I'm just coming to the end of my BSc Sports Studies degree and therefore I'm currently job hunting. I feel I have an excellent level of knowledge of Health and Fitness having studied Strength and Conditioning with a leading NSCA practitioner, aswell as Nutrition with a leading...
1-4 of 4 Results