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Found 5 results

  1. Hello everyone, I just started using ipamorelin. I also never tried any roids or other peptides before, so this is my first experience at all. I am doing the gym 3-4 times a week for a couple of years now. I read online that the dosage for ipa is 200mcg or 300mcg 3x per day. My cycle started with 100mcg before night at day 1, increasing to 200mcg 3x a day. What I recognised was that I feel extremely tired the whole day since I upped my dosage to 150mcg 3x a day. I thought this would be temporary but since I increased to 200mcg 3x a day, I feel like sleeping the whole day. By the way: 200mcg 3x a day is my day 4 since I am taking it. Yesterday at night I woke up twice and fell asleep again after a few minutes. Is this normal? Or am I dosing too high? Because when you read on the internet it says that one of the benefits would be to be more vital. Well this didn’t work for me so far. I hope some of you can recommend me something. Best regards and a nice day
  2. Hi guys, I know this topic has been exhausted, but I've read so much that I'm more unsure than before I started researching. I've read pscarbs articles from his website (which are great!) But I was wandering if I could get any solid lay down on how to progress my situation. Basically I've got 7 month long tendonopathy of my adductor longus which is really effecting my quality of life now. I'm doing all the correct rehab but because of my age I just need some extra help. I've been using bpc and tb500 and there is slow progress but I want to Incorporate ipam and mod grf to kick things I'm even more. Can anybody give me a simple dosage of both these to follow for my situation. Because I've been unable to train for so long I'm carrying body fat like never before and my mood is rock bottom. I'm truly greatful for any info anyone can give me. Oh and i weigh 85kg and I'm 39 Cheers Ash
  3. Today I started to introduce Ipamorelin and ModGRF1-29 at 100mcg each two times a day, first thing in the morning before cardio, and last thing at night before bed. I thought I had done all my research and was ready to go. After taking my first dose this morning I went to have a small black coffee before starting my cardio and realised I hadn’t looked in to the effect this might have. A quick google search and I found a study that stated caffeine could benefit natural GH production, but another study on GHRP that caffeine would attenuate it. Admittedly this was only a quick search. Today I did my cardio without caffeine. I didn’t feel as good as normal which I assume to be because of the lack of caffeine, but could have been the introduction of the GHRP/Mod. Does anyone have any thoughts/advice on caffeine? I also have a preworkout supplement which contains 2.5g of carbs. I am not taking carbs/fat 1hr before or 20mins after a dose. Would 2.5g be enough to effect it? Many Thanks.
  4. Hey Guys, Long time lurker and just created an account to post this. Been absorbing a ton of information on here, Reddit and of course @Pscarb helpful guide. Specifically for me, despite having a macro balanced plan by Avatar Nutrition and a PT, I really really struggle putting on muscle. This has been going on for 5 years - it's not a new thing. I have had so many blood tests - hormones are normal (right smack in the middle for Free T - see right at the bottom for most recent test). I really don't want to turn to AAS as I just don't want to f**k with my hormones that intensely, but I am looking at peptides as they seem to be the middle ground. After a few months lurking around here; seems Ipamorelin and MOD-GRF 1-29 are the two best peptides to stack together. My fundamental question is, do they specifically help with muscle building, hypertrophy, technically speaking? What has been everyone's results who were natty and started with this stack? Did you see gains? I'm not wanting to become Arnold, but I do want progress for the 5-6 hours I'm putting into the gym each week. Really appreciate your response in advance guys. GG
  5. Stacking ipa+mod grf with IGF-1?

    Hi there. I've recently bought some ipamorelin, mod grf w/out DAC, and some igf-1 lr3, from purepeptidesuk. I've seen a lot of talk about how hgh + insulin synergises well, and I'm wondering if the same extends to grf/ghrh + igf-1, seeing how they're analogues? Is the fact that hgh is exogenous GH, whereas grf/ghrh increases endogenous enough of a difference that they don't work together? Tried searching on google, but literature on the combination (or any combination of grf with ipa, ghrp-2 etc for that matter. Cheers!