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  1. Food, Diet and Nutrition Info
    Hello everyone. Quick info about me. I am 178cm and 60KG, I have a nice big belly and literally no muscles. I am gonna start hitting the gym this week. Just collecting as much data as possible. Talking to few friends, they told me I should do rice and fish/chicken diet. Where I would eat 100g of...
  2. Food, Diet and Nutrition Info
    Hi guys, Fingers crossed I have selected the right forum. If not apologises! How should my diet change after I come off of a cycle, to give me the best chance of keeping my 'gains'? - Should my protein intake decrease? I will admit I have been rather overindulgent during my cycle and have...
  3. Getting Started
    Hi, I'm new to building muscle and have just got into taking protein and creatine. I'm finding it hard to find a clear schedule for when you need to take these. Any help would be appreciated
  4. Getting Started
    Hi everyone, I'm about to join a gym because I want to lose weight and tone up. I've been advised by a friend to take whey protein post workout because it will aid weight loss and build lean muscle. I just want to know how much whe protein shall i take after each workout? Thank you
  5. General Conversation
    What should it be daily if your trying to put on weight
  6. Gaining Weight
    hi i have been training hard for 8 months now and have been working hard on a good diet i am eating clean foods but i need to no if am having the right ammounts. i am bulking up i increased to 6 meals daily but i have not been weighing my food and have been told that i should but i do not no...
  7. Losing Weight
    Just wondering rather to try and cut out carbs completely how many grams per day can still be eaten without hindering fat loss when combined with the correct diet and training etc.
  8. Losing Weight
    Can anyone please advise on how to calculate how many Omega 3,6,9, gms of Lecithin etc to take when on a cutting diet if this is the only fats consumed? Also when is the best time to take them post-cardio, pre-workout, post-workout etc.
  9. Getting Started
    Hi What is the recommended daily intake of whey protein drinks? The manufacture im using at the moment (Body Fortress) doesnt tell me how many to take but only the directions of how much to add per drink. any1 with anuy ideas? Thanks
  10. Food, Diet and Nutrition Info
    Typically on a day I know I will be lifting I intake a lot of quality complex carbs and proteins (and good fat too of course) throughout my day leading up to about 75-90 minutes prior to lifting (if I get up at 10am for example I will usually go to the gym around 5-6pm). After I'm done at the...
  11. Getting Started
    I would really appreciate if someone could help me in ensuring that I am taking in the right number of carbs and grams of protein. My weight has gone up fairly consistently in the past year but recently has seemed to have slowed down and go up n' down, varying from just over 14st to 13st 5lbs...
1-11 of 11 Results