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Found 3 results

  1. I am not a bodybuilder but i take insulin.. My bf does body building and asked to take some... What does it do to non diabetics
  2. since I like to theorycraft a lot in my free time... which cycle of the following would you rate as the "best" off season cycle? 1) 400mg Test 450mg DHB 400mg Deca 300mg Mast 2) 800mg Test 800mg Deca 600mg Mast 3) 200mg Test 750mg DHB 300mg Mast additional content: gh peps 3-4x/day, 2-3iu gh eod, slin eod, 50mcg t3/200mcg t4 --------------------------------------- Tren is out of the Question. just need a break from it. I think the best allrounder would be number 1 with a nice mix of dry & wet compounds. But in regards so number 2 never used more than 400mg Deca so I don't really have a grip how "strong" this would be, since in my opionion the "scaling strenght" from every compound is very different. like Test 200 vs. test 400, is a nice noticable difference. test 400 vs. 800 not so much of a difference. tren 200 vs 400 is like using 2 completly different compounds... Number 3 is also not unknown to me, used 600 dhb and was pretty happy with it. when i wasn't crippled with pip. + only cycle where i don't need an ai
  3. Evening everyone, Starting an insulin protocol next week. Gonna be doing 3iu a day and build up to 5iu I have used insulin in the past, used glucose as my carb source but it really bloated my stomach out... This time round i wanna use rice crispy squares which are 27g carbs (14g sugar). If i eat 2 of these after jabbing the insulin will it be safe and should I keep some dextrose on hand just to be safe