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Found 10 results

  1. Pec Muscle Injury Help

    Hi, Back in January I pulled my pec muscle, more specifically the pectoralis major during a bench press session. I feel the injury occurred due to not training a week while on holiday and moving too quickly up the weights. I had some sharp pain on the chest, that would cause discomfort and I was unable to do any chest /shoulders exercises for a few days. After a week it got better I was able to do basic push ups quite easily but couldn't even bench the bar anymore so I stopped doing chest exercises for a few weeks. There was still small amounts of discomfort when doing basic tasks so I went to a physiotherapy in March where the physio suggested that it's a pec injury but nothing serious and recommended me to do push ups and and to slowly increase resistance. Over lockdown due to gyms closing I have been doing lots of Dips and variations of push ups increasing strength massively, but when I go to failure after a few exercises I can still feel some discomfort and weakness in the left chest area but I don't feel anything in other circumstances. Also at this point I haven't done any bench press for months. So now it's approaching 9 months since the injury, can anyone advice whether this is normal and whether I should book another session with the physio to see if there is actually something wrong? Please share experiences and any advice is helpful. Thanks, Alan.
  2. Outer Knee Pain

    Hey! Just wondering if anybody could offer me some help, it would be greatly appreciated. So basically, I’m currently rehabbing quadricep ‘tendonitis’ on my left leg, which was caused by overloading the tendon in a stupid training block months and months ago. Anyway, the tendon is tolerating load a lot better, up to 110kg High Bar Box Squats 4x6, 3 seconds up 3 seconds down. Prior to this my best Low Bar Squat was 230kg RPE 8. The rehab is slow but steady to avoid flare ups. My current concern is a new ache I am experiencing on the outer of the knee (basically next to the medial condyle/actually on it), it’s a horrible dull ache and when I lay on the side of the pain in the morning the ache is simply horrible, imagine a tooth ache pain. When stretching the calf/hamstring it can actually become a burn in the area, I actually stretched my right hamstring recently and had it on my right leg too (left leg is where the ache is etc). I have had this ache before but this time it doesn’t appear to be going away, when I press on a part of my hamstring a little up my leg it starts to create the burning/pinching feeling in the side.
  3. Pec Muscle Injury Help

    Hi everyone, After a week holiday with no gym in the first week of January, when I got back to the gym I came across an injury I from Bench pressing. The injury appeared to be in left shoulder area and I experienced sharp pain when doing any movement or sleeping on it for the first 2 days after. After that it was all fine so I again started to train after a week off but them when I did any kind of push movement it would give sharp pain in the left shoulder. I did lots of dips (surprisingly it didn't hurt) instead of push exercises such as bench and push ups. Everything was going well so I started to do bodyweight push ups and pushed myself too much which I feel hurt it again. So I let it rest for like 3 weeks So it was now 2 months since the injury and I decided to go to a physio, she looked at the injury and massaged it to identify it was in fact a pec muscle injury and said it is nothing serious and I should continue training but with little resistance and build it up. It's been nearly a month since the appointment and nothing has changed, I can do dips and low reps of push ups but when I train pushups properly I get the sharp pain again and it hurts slightly the next day with movement but then goes away the day after. Sorry for the long story, has anyone else experience thisor should I visit the physio again? Any help would be very appreciated, Thanks.
  4. Would isn't th or peptides give better healing benefits.. Used and liked tb500 and bpc on a shoulder injury,also used by and felt great and had niggles go away. I remember reading @Pscarb mentioning once the benefits of peptides (ipam+mod) giving the benefit of all the isoforms compared to only one from gh, is that better for healing?
  5. Knee pain after lifting

    Hi,On sundayI did some dumbell lunges with 10kg dumbells and when i took the dog out for a walk around 3 hours later my left knee had a dull sharpish pain right at the front of the knee cap. It's strange because I've been running and walking on it for months with no pain what so ever and as soon as I start this exercise my knee starts hurting?? I am thinking it could be my form? So i kept my toes pointing straight forward and knees straight forward also but i am aware your knees should be kinda facing outwards when you squat so is it my form?I am new to weight lifting so form Is pretty awful at the moment so If anyone could give me any advice or help on this I would muchly appreciate it. Thanks.
  6. Coming Back after Injury

    I have been flat on my back for four months until today. i have a nasty lower back issue that has given me sciatica initially I could not walk due to the pain but toughed it out and only took about 10 pain killers in 4 months. went to the hospital and had an x-ray which showed everything to be in good shape (this is a warning to some of you that your body does not lie but x-rays do). My immediate reply was that " i'm not crazy and I'm is big pain so what now?" I had to have an MRI which showed i have lower back degenerative disk issues that are pinching my sciatic nerve and sending serious pain to my bum and hips with a tightness down my legs: the doc informed me that this was a mild case so it was three months of rehab 3-7 days a week or/plus an op to fix the back. so a change of docs took me to the countries top specialist. after dealing with him for another month he said you can go back to the gym but no walking, you can only train whatever you can whilst laying flat on your back i pay for the gym anyway and had lost 4 months worth of payments so i was determined to get back even if it was to float in the rooftop swimming pool, use the steam room and do whatever i can whilst flat on my back! today was my first day back in the gym i managed 5 sets of smith machine bench press 5 sets of dumbbell press 3 sets of dumbbell fly's 5 sets of tricep pullovers 4 sets of bicep dumbbell curls whilst laying down (interesting) my shoulders hated it as did my elbows and i only nearly threw up once but no doms yet : maybe tomorrow i was as weak as a kitten and had a bit of difficulty getting up after the exercises but 6 hours later I'm without any extra pain to my lower back all I have to do now is to lose the 10kg food baby I now have after nearly 5 months of almost zero activity. getting back into the gym will inspire me with this: i hope
  7. Pain under kneecap

    Hi all, So I've had a little accident in the gym last week Friday. Usually have a spotter when I'm doing squats, but this time I was by myself. Thought I'd do a last set of six 120kgs squats. Wrong decision. The very last rep I went down and couldn't get the bar up at all. I was in a deep squat position as I was doing my squats deep. I knew I would have to get the bar off my back. So I lowered myself backwards (as in sitting on the floor), and that way the bar fell onto the safety grips. I stood up, continued my workout, but when I went to the leg press I could feel a sharp pain right in the corner under my knee cap on the outer side. It is a very acute pain that I get when I do a certain move. A standing quads stretch is one that really triggers it. I've seen a physiotherapist who thinks it's an issue with the fat pad. As I understand he believes it was compressed and is somewhat inflamed. Has anybody got experience with this type of injury and could let me know how they got on with it? I don't feel it when I do normal activities, but I'm very conscious of it so I'm somewhat restriction the movements that I make. Any experience is welcome! Thanks all.
  8. Hi all, I have a really bad wrist pain right now and i bench at all. I can squat tho but cannot do any upper body lifts right now. I probably need to rest more than 4 weeks . and i know not training more than 2 weeks can greatly affect the strength and training. Now i am afraid that during this rest period, i will lose the strength and muscle and gain fat(i.e become unhealthy) and not exercising causes me depression and anxiety. I want to workout without harming my wrist. Can you guys help me? What can i do during the rest period? what should i do if the doctor advises to elongate the rest period? I am doing stronglifts 5x5 right now(complete noob in strength training). my lifts are squats 122.5kg for 5x5 bench 75kg for 5x5 ohp 50kg 5x5 deadlift 140kg for 1x5 row 85 kg 5x5
  9. Hi everyone. I think this is being posted in the right place... I could really do with some advice from you experienced members. In January 2017 I started a cycle of test cyp @ 500mg per week and decca @300mg per week. I trained hard and gained a decent amount of muscle. The cycle lasted 16 weeks. Around the 12 week mark I noticed that my left shoulder was visibly bigger than my right one. When I was training, my left shoulder was getting way more pumped and muscles on the left hand side of my body were becoming quite a bit stronger over the course of the cycle i.e. shoulder, bicep, tricep and left lat. At the same time My right shoulder, bicep, tricep and lat size and strength were not increasing. I felt uneven, imbalanced and confused. I was also starting to get some pain when doing overhead presses. I also starting to get a very tight neck on the left hand side. Towards the end of my cycle I went to the doctors to get my shoulder checked out as it didn't feel right. I was referred to hospital where they did an ultrasound and they said that I have supraspinatus tendonitis in my right shoulder. At this time my cycle was coming to an end and I started PCT and kept training but very light. Over the next few weeks of PCT my right shoulder started to feel weaker and more painful. Left side of neck also went from being tight to slightly painful. I couldn't hardly train anymore so I took a bit time off from the gym to see if my neck pain went. I only did marginally. I then realised that my right scapula was not as tightly fixed against my ribs as my left scapula was, a bit winging. I'm guessing the issue that probably caused the tendonitis in the first place was a weak serratus anterior and weak levator scapulae on the right side. I have had 3 months off the gym now since end of December 2017. I have been focusing on doing core work on the swiss ball, scapular pushups, bear crawls during this time to try and strengthen these weak muscles. No matter what I do, these muscles will not grow, and strength is roughly the same. The imbalance is still quite apparent in terms of visually and strength. The sharp pain in my right shoulder has gone now so I think the tendonitis has improved to some extent due to time off training. My question is this, what else can I do to strengthen the weak muscles on the right side to even out this imbalance? I can't train normally as my left levator scapulae is tight and starts to hurt. I spend ages stretching my full body and neck in the shower gently, it provides temporary relief only. The whole right side of my body is weak due to this injury. I don't know what to focus on in terms of rehabilitation as all the muscles are weak. I need to build my right levator scapulae up to normal strength/size. I would really appreciate any comments on this matter. I know it's a large post with lots of information but I have nearly given up and feel. Like packing in training all together. Has anyone had this type of issue in terms of a major imbalance caused by a shoulder injury? Also my testosterone is quite low. I had bloodwork done 2 months ago. Thanks, Carl.
  10. Ruptured Distal Biceps Tendon

    Hi guys. I'm 38 (and have torn a pec, partial ligament tear off the spine- both healed well on their own)- now though I've torn my biceps (towards the elbow) leaving approx a 2 inch gap. Should find out when surgery will be tomorrow, advised should be within a week. Can't supinate my arm or straighten it at present- I'm told it may be 4-6 months before I'm back training- any advice on peptide use, or any other ideas of how I can aid recovery? Also what can I train? The doc said anything without using that arm- leaves just legs and abs really. Wasn't doing anything unusual, in fact had warmed up etc and was doing 230kg deadlifts- 5th rep and popped and ripped. Could I train somewhat with straps? Advise leave area alone? Any help would be appreciated- heard of cases of less time but others of 9-10 months. Longest out the gym before I believe was a week. Heard great things about peptides for this kind of thing.