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  1. Getting Started
    got bad knee any one got tips on faster recovery
  2. Getting Started
    Hi all, I wasn't actually lifting any weights when it happened, but i raised by left arm and my shoulder clicked. Since then, it keeps clicking when i move it. I can not put my left arm behind my back in the 'frog march', as it's too painful. It's not painful when it clicks, just annoying. Any...
  3. Getting Started
    Alright all, I have injured my left shoulder, front delt area. Did it weight training but only felt it after the session (no pain at the time). Its been bad for about 2 months now and I sometimes get spasms in my hand e.g fingers move on their own ext think it must be linked. I have tried the...
  4. Cardio & Fitness
    Hi Guys, after my last gym session it now hurts my knee when I walk. The idea of running/jogging is painful. Its not terrible but not good. I was wondering, if I did cardio like cycling where im not constantly banging my knee is this going to cause more damage or would it be ok. Thanks Steve
  5. Welcome Lounge
    Hi guys. This is my 1st post. I've been training for about 10 yrs with varied success. I've now improved my diet and train 4 days out of 8. The problem i've started getting is de Quervain's tenosynovitis which is a very painful tendon problem on the wrist. I've had it in my right wrist for over...
1-5 of 5 Results