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  1. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Hi all, I have a new cycle prepared and I'm wondering what your thoughts are. All 12 weeks test will be ran at 350 mg a week. (approx of course) I have adex, letro and I'll be running 20g nolvadex from start to finish just as a precautionary. My thoughts on the schematics of my cycle would...
  2. General Conversation
    Hi guys, A friend of mine has just launched a new blog that I thought would be useful to a lot of you here that are new to training/the gym/health & fitness in general. Check it out here: Features an article on my business but a lot of other good information...
  3. Welcome Lounge
    Hi Guys, Just joined the site, i was wondering if anyone has any ideas on a starting fitness plan? I have a barbell (40KG Total), Multi pullup bar, Ankle/ wrist weights (0.5kg) and a punch bag. I'm looking to get into a routine but don't know where to start off. Just looking to build on...
  4. Getting Started
    any advice on wether to take nolvadex while on gear will be a big help
  5. Welcome Lounge
    Hi, Just started back at the gym a few months ago after being away for 6/7 years. Eased my self in for a few weeks before getting back into it fully. I am now looking to hit it properly and am looking for advice on supplements etc to give me the fastest gains. I understand all the basics but i...
  6. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Just looking for some information on this if someone could put me in the right direction
  7. Welcome Lounge
    hi, nedd to get some prices please and any other info i can get.. thanks :)
  8. Gaining Weight
    I found this online few months back so i put it on my iPhone. I've seen alot of people on here asking about diets, foods, protein, how to put on weight etc. This info is excellent. Can't remember where I actually found this info tho. You should favor smaller and frequent feedings throughout...
  9. Steroid and Testosterone information
    am looking for info on sus and deca if any1 can help?
  10. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Hi guys im looking for some pointers on the best way to take my hcg after my course has ended its been a long time since iv used the old gym juice and i think the last time it was only clomid i could get mt hands on at the time i will be using lepori 2500iu thanks in advance
  11. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Right I'm getting it my cycle will be; 4 weeks dbol 40mg ed 10 weeks test eth 500mg a week pct will be nolva and clomid for 3 weeks right what I need to know last question promise guys is how much hcg do I take thru my cycle? When in my cycle do I take it? How many times a week? When do I...
  12. Steroid and Testosterone information
    When I start mt 2nd cycle should I use nolva or clomid to run with it or just as a pct. Just finished a dbol only cycle a few weeks ago(5 week cycle) with no sides except a few back pumps. Next cycle will include a test. 4 week dbol 40mg ad running with 10 week test eth 500mg a week with 3...
  13. Getting Started
    dianabol only.. i know im a noob, i dont know what im doing, im guessing i need Nolvadex and Clomid aswell, i have relativly healthy diet at the moment which but i am unsure what kind of calorie, protein & carb intake i should be taking when on. other contributing factors.. i am 19 (let me...
  14. General Conversation
    Hi guys, I have asked a few forums if the following company are sound, basically the response seems to be good, but cash being what it is I thought I'd doublecheck with you guys first too. I dont really have a clue about supps, and really would appreciate some insight. Basically are they...
  15. Steroid and Testosterone information
    hi there would like any info you may have on some gear ive it real,is it good stuff,have you used it before?like i said any info what so ever relating to these substances,amounts to use and so on.also would these stack well together. have been surfing the net for the last...
  16. Welcome Lounge
    Hi all, just joined and thought I'd say hello. Looks like there is alot of good info on here will take a while to get through!! Well I'm 34 just recently gone back to the gym do around 30 mins cardio then some weights. Diet to be worked on as I have no clue in this area, 2slice wholemeal or...
  17. Steroid and Testosterone information
    I would like to seek your expertise in the proper way to take HGH,IGF L-3, TEST, AND DECA. Im 40 yrs old and have been working out naturally for 15 yrs. A few months back I did an abbreviated cycle of HGH and TEST for only 4 weeks. I had to stop because I was unable to obtain any more product. I...
  18. Welcome Lounge
    Hi all, I need some info about pGH, does it really work after 6 weeks cycle?
  19. Welcome Lounge
    Hey all,I have just moved back from the states and have been training hard for two years now. I stepped it up when I was out there using different courses of supplements. **ADMIN EDIT** do not ask these questions on the board re-read the rules
  20. Getting Started
    Attached are some position statements from the American College of Sports Medicine re weight lifting, dieting, osteoporosis, sports........ etc hope you find it useful Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise - positionstandards The 2002 resistance training one is good and will give good...
1-20 of 26 Results