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  1. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Hi guys, It turns out a website (my source) was asking about VAT information since from January the borders got a bit tighter. Any thoughts? Is this sh gonna be seized or what? Also if you have a trusted source shipping from uk would appreciate :) Cheers guys
  2. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Hello everyone! This is my first post and likely an interesting topic that I am seeking advice on. I live in the US and will be moving to the UK soon as I am a dual national. As I understand I can bring a personal amount with me without problem. In fact, I lived in the UK for a year in 2015...
  3. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Hi, before you tell me to use the search option...I have used it and there was some good information but not enough regarding what substances would be best got in india. I am travelling to india very soon and I just wanted to know what gear i could get from over there. The thing is india is...
  4. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Hi guys! I understand that it is legal for a person to possess steroids in the UK, and that you can also import gear from overseas. I was wondering if there'd be any hassels involved if I get a mate from India to send me some gear from over there. I know about the '3 month supply' limit...
1-4 of 4 Results