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  1. Muscle Research Peptides
    Hi I am currently taking this hgh in pictures, started off in 1.5iu daily and am now up to 2iu, feeling pretty amazing, and im feeling as if im really alert to everything. sleeping like an absolute baby but im constantly tired from around 7pm and struggle to stay awake pst 8:30pm lol! very...
  2. Tanning / Melanotan
    Hi all, I'm a journalist looking to speak to people who have used Melanotan nasal tanning sprays. I understand that they are popular in the bodybuilding community and I want to hear about people's experiences with them, whether positive or negative, and especially from users in the North of...
  3. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Hello there. I will be back in Bangkok at the weekend. I was wondering if anyone knows where I can get HGH..... I was in the city 10 weeks ago and whilst I could find testosterone at a great price, I couldn't find any HGH Anyway I went to Phuket and did a cycle of test prop and anavar. 2...
  4. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Do you think medichecks pin prick tests are accurate? (Based on my results, and your own use of medichecks) Yes 457.14% No 342.86%
  5. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Hey everyone, just going to start the topic here as I need some insight from a wise and experienced members in this field. Im male, 29 y/o, body composition would be ~ 75kg / 180cm / ~15% BF Some history - been living busy, active stressful life, and have went trough alot of emotional and...
  6. Supplementation
    Hi Guys ive been lifting for a few years now but decided this year to try and really increase my size. Ive hit a plateau over th past 3 moth and am now looking at pro hormones. i was wondering if anyone has tried SD Matrix? or China Blacks Super Tren? And if so did you stack it with anything...
  7. Supplementation
    Hello With me being a type 1 diabetic I was told growth hormone would work amazingly with the nova rapid insulin I have to use. Ive found a few Growth Hormone Enhancers and im not sure if to give one a try? Any recommendations? Growth Hormone Enhancers - Growth Hormone Supplements -...
  8. Supplementation
    I wanna try a pro hormone but not sure what to look out for or try? What have others used and found? and did you use PCT
  9. Supplementation
    We have a new test booster/ph coming soon, it'll be the closest thing you can get to what Mass Plex was. I don't know how long it'll be allowed of course so make the most of your Musclechat discount and stock up gentlemen. We'll tell you the name of it just before we release it.
  10. Supplementation
    hello all training is going well soon be reaching 40 and understand that testosterone levels are down compared to youth. dont want to contemplate steroids/anything drastic etc but was wondering if there was anything i could do/supplement to take that could help testosterone levels (amino acid...
  11. Steroid and Testosterone information
    ive just bought some hgh, im going to use if to help reduce fat, is it really as effect as everyone tells me, im going to have 0.25iu twice aday, aswell as being religious with my diet and cardio, can any one give me any advice or feedback on what they know of it?
  12. Steroid and Testosterone information
    wat are peoples thoughts on growth hormone??.. some say its great some, say its not worth the cash???... iv never tried it. but what are the benifits??.. iv heard that its best with insulin and insulin is where you get the muscle growth from and the growth hormone is to keep you lean???.. or...
  13. Supplementation
    Since I have been searching for legal alternatives to steroids I have come across a few and wanted to find out if anyone has any experiance with using, stacking, and side effects to these: Pituitary Growth Hormones D-anabol 25 Deca 200 Tren 75
  14. Supplementation
    Hi My aim is basically to get a cover model body. I have been using Creatine, HMB, Glutamine and a coctail of these with whey and simple carbs after a work out. My diet is pretty good and I have seen pretty good results on these and put on about 1.5 stone(21 pounds) in 3 months. I want to get...
  15. Getting Started
    Ive been lifting
1-15 of 15 Results