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Found 10 results

  1. Training for Valhalla

    Alright guys so I've recently moved house, and have much more space now for my home gym, I've been building my gym equipment up slowly now (and posted the progress in the equipment threads - building Valhalla) and will start keeping track of my workouts once again I'm making good progress and no better way to break in the gym with a wee deadlift workout
  2. Building Valhalla - my new home gym

    Alright guys so I have just moved house and i have shared a lot of my training videos in the past, in the training log section. However my workouts will hopefully be evolving very soon as I am expanding and building upon everything I had in my own home (have more space) For those who want to see how the progress is going and see everything transform day by day whilst I build everything, then I hope you will enjoy the mini series I will share here
  3. Hi Guys, As the description says pictures and descriptions of your home gym set ups since lockdown. I started mine in March and was lucky enough to get most of it before I even finished work, however clearing the garage took a while! Also how you all finding the home gyms now lockdowns over? I’m still preferring training at home. I have...... Primal Strength half rack Primal Strength adjustable bench Primal Strength pulley cable machine Ironmaster adjustable dumbbells to 54kg fully horse matted the floor painted all walls attempted to waterproof the floor
  4. Hi - so i've been training at home since lockdown with a basic Bodymax squat and dip rack and bench. Really missing the cable machine from the gym, and looking to get a power rack. Rather than get 2 items and completely take over the garage, I'm looking for a power rack which has cables (both sides). I've seen some all in one functional trainers, but they're silly money. Then I came accross this: https://www.titaniumstrength.co.uk/titanium-strength-b100-all-in-one-functional-trainer.html . Seems to tick all boxes - smith machine, squat rack, adjustable cables on both sides, lat pulldown, and loads more. Seems good value. Anyone had any experience of this? And any alternatives? Domyos used to do one BM970, but quite a while ago.
  5. Fixing a treadmill?

    Anyone had experience fixing a treadmill? I've took on a treadmill that doesn't work. Power light comes on but no console lights. The company's that are out there want a £100 just for turning up. I've opened up the panel's and there's nothing obvious that needs fixing or replacing. So far YouTube has been lacking in clear guidance on this one so far.
  6. I'm a huge fan of abbreviated routines and have for years, however I've only focused on the big six exercises (bench squat row deadlift press chins) which I made amazing gains on However, as an experiment due to lack of time (keyworker) and also wanting to switch up so I'm wanting to do 1 of 2 routines with 3 or 4 exercises. So for my full body will I be covered? Option 1 Squat (quads with some hams, and calves with plantoflexion) Bench (chest shoulder tri) Row (traps, rhomboids, lats, forearm, bicep, grip) 3x6-12 with 80% 1rm add weight when I get 3x12 Done twice a week Option 2 Day 1 Squat Row Day 2 Deadlift Bench press 3x6-12 with 80% 1rm add weight when I get 3x12 I feel option 1 would be better, but what do you think, I'm an average guy that isnt competing but I want to get stronger.
  7. Apocolypse Home workouts

    Alright guys so the lockdown is in effect and the gyms have been closed for a while also. I don't have weights myself at home (I have some on order but god knows when they'll arrive) but I'm addicting to training like pretty much everyone on here. So I decided to film my home workouts improvising as best as possible with what i have and to be honest I'm having some cracking workouts.
  8. Creating a home gym app

    Hello everyone, I have an idea and was wanting some feedback on the idea. Thank you for taking the time to read my post. My idea is a home gym app where you can input into the app all the equipment you have at your home gym and the app will suggest exercises you can do with the equipment you have. Whilst looking for routines for myself, I tend to find exercises or workout plans that require equipment that I don't have and this could be a possible solution. Thank you for reading and any feedback on what you think will be very useful. Let me know if you would if you would use the app and would like something like this to be part of your gym life.
  9. Garden Gym

    Hello! I've only recently started on my fitness journey and am just a small guy. But am quite enjoying it! Recently managed to get myself alot of spare time, and deciding to change up my habits and such I'm going to build a home gym. I've used public gyms but much prefer to work out at home, on my own or with my brother. I've not got the space indoors but I've got a good bit of space outside, about 2.8m, by 3.6m. So here's where I need some help! I've already got a pull up bar dip combo thing, a squat rack, a bench and some weights. But am curious as to what other people would say are must have gym items? What I'm most worried about is the flooring.. I have excavated it for paving but would it be worth maybe picking up those rubber playground tiles or something? I'm thinking of some sort of roofing too, curious if anyone else has this sort of set up, assume someone here must! Interested to hear some ideas as none of my family or friends are particularly into fitness! Thanks! ?
  10. Mira Fit?

    Anyone bought gym equipment from Mira Fit? If so is it any good? Cheers ??