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  1. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Here are my mid cycle blood tests on 480mg of test e a week. I'm using nexus labs and this is my first cycle, over 8 weeks in. Using accord pharma aromasin 12.5mg 24 hours after pinning. Very good results from what I know. ?? For Nexus I ran Neuro Pharma anavar earlier in my cycle. Plan to do...
  2. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Been on 200 cyp e7d since September. Planing on jumping back on, but my rbc is on the high side. Rbc : 6.4 normal ( 4.2-5.8) hb: 189 normal ( 130-170) Opinions guys ? Any one had rbc high ? What was it ? During cruise ? Blast ? Whats next ?
  3. Steroid and Testosterone information
    In two minds what to run in the summer... Option 1 200 cyp ( or 250 test e) 600 tren ace option 2 800 test ( blend) 300 para option 3 200cyp/250e 400 para 400 mast and 60 var will go along side with any option I choose. cant make up my mind. Constant fight between ace vs...
  4. General Conversation
    Check out this video on YouTube: Sent from my iPhone Well funny, :)
  5. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Are the shakes im getting, from the Test400 or the anavar or am i just a wierdo ill say thanks now to frankie london and Cal as they will be the ones to answer my question haha !
  6. Getting Started
    Hi All, I've been reading and doing a lot of research on here for a few months now but I think it's time to ask for some advice as I'm not sure what to do. I'm 34, female, 5'5'' I lost 6 stones in the last 18 months. I went from UK size 20/22 down to 12. I'm still very heavy at almost 13...
  7. Getting Started
    Over the last couple of months when I've felt a bit low in energy I've lowered my usual weights and done high reps, maybe 20 - 25 reps. I seem to feel a realy good pump doing this and althoughI like to keep pushing to do heavier weights I was wondering if its worth while adding this to a normal...
  8. Losing Weight
    Does it work? I really wanna lose weight.
  9. Losing Weight
    Can somebody recommend a reasonably priced low carb high protein shake to be used whilst on my cutting regime? Meal replacement etc Many Thanks
  10. Gaining Weight
    Hi all , High GI or Low GI ? What's better when bulikng ?
  11. Gaining Weight
    sup new to forums i been lifting for a year and lost 40kg and now ready to bulk up.. i hired a personal trainer and the guy told me to cut my protein.. and add carbs the guys an old school retired bodybuilder and has been personal trainer for 18 years... so i assume he knows whats up but what...
  12. Food, Diet and Nutrition Info
    As above is it actually possible?
  13. Cardio & Fitness
    Greater Fat LossBetter from High Interval Training125.00%Better from a constant low intensity but for a prolonged time375.00%
  14. Getting Started
    Hey guys, Do you guys have any good ideas for a high protein/carb breakfast? I realise that breakfast is the most important meal of the day so, I want to get it right from that time. What would you guys reccomend? I've been thinking about scrambled egg with toast etc. Although, I'm a begginer...
  15. Recipes
    I used to have this many years ago and is great as a snack, for breakfast or preworkout........... First of all i add about 60g whey (about 2 scoops) to 1 cup dry oatmeal, then blend it all up with water until it becomes a paste. Get it nice and thick it tastes great.........then bang it in the...
  16. Steroid and Testosterone information
    :tongue1: Hi, i am looking to find advise on steriods, i am looking to bulk and then cut....dus any1 know whats best for adding realli high quality muscle mass which has the best water retention? Thnx alot for any advice :clap2:
  17. Getting Started
    Im on a cut so im just wondering should i carry on lifting heavy for low reps(5 reps) or swap and lift lighter for more reps( 12-15 reps) I just cant get myself to actually lift light weights as its always been heavy.
  18. Welcome Lounge
    Hi guys, just found you all. Looks great here:clap2: Been an active mountain biker for like ever but have just found bodybuilding and think I might be on the turn LOL...... Always gym trained for strength and have an idea about diet but hope to learn loads here. Cheers guys............
  19. Cardio & Fitness
    This is a peice of work I've had some input into recently. The real credit goes to One Smart Cookie and Takmaster on the Spartan Warriors forum as they came up the the idea. I've just started writing up how/why it works. HIHIT - High Intensity Hypoxic Interval Training *** Warning - This...
  20. Food, Diet and Nutrition Info
    I'm sure this would be pretty easy, anyone have a recipe?
1-20 of 20 Results