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  1. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Genxtropin , Anyone try them ? Is good ? I will do a blood test soon I have 2k and genxtropin
  2. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Hi, guys. I was considering jumping on hgh. However my budget wouldnt allow me to get Pharmaceutical. Is ugl hgh worth it? And have anyone used meditech hgh? Cuz its the easiest one i could get my hands on
  3. Performance Enhancing Drugs
    Hello lads ! So I recently got my hands on some HGH from Adelphi Research, 100IU . I’ve never heard of that lab and I was wondering if any of you had some experience with it and if their HGH was legit and worked as intended !
  4. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Hey guys it's been a long time since i was there.... Now i live in Switzerland ! Anyway i wanna start with HGH and i need to know the intake schedule. In my mind i still have something like this 4 days ON, 2 days OFF. Also like take shot 4 hours before you will go to bed etc.... Its for long...
  5. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Greetings fellow bodybuilders, First post on here but I've been following this forum for a long time and learned a lot from you guys. So, I'm set on throwing in 25 mg of MK-677 per night with my stack of weekly 200 mg Tren E, 600 mg Test E and 400 mg Mast E (plus 50 mg Anavar ED). I'm doing...
  6. Muscle Research Peptides
    I have a prescription to get growth hormone. I am 19 years old and I am aware that I will not actually grow from it maybe just an centimeter but I would be happy to get wider bones even if a little More. I know men reach the peak of their bone mass at the age of 25-30 and maybe using a year...
  7. Steroid and Testosterone information
    The liquid burns when injected, I used ice and injected at a 45 degree angle to prevent this. After 5 days of 2ui dosage , my joints are sore, clear carpel tunnel symptoms, I can’t close my hand and fingers are numb. I don’t know if it will go away with continued use or get worse. I assume...
  8. Muscle Research Peptides
    Hello just after a bit of advice I’ve currently started growth hormone i take 2ius before bed it’s been about a month now I’ve basically revisited hgh again not for the muscle building properties but for injury/ recover purposes. I have extremely bad knees/ tendons and I’m hoping to strength...
  9. Muscle Research Peptides
    When you have had CTS, my whole hand is going tingly and numb, but i am getting sharp pain from my elbow to my pinky finger too which was not a listed symptom. Has anyone else had pain from elbow to pinky too while on HGH?
  10. Muscle Research Peptides
    Hello. I have been searching all over the internet about information about this brand. In Denmark where i live, it's pretty popular. I been told that its a well reputated UK ug lab called ROHM, who make them. Anyone have any information, knowledge, or something else about it?
  11. Muscle Research Peptides
    Hi I am currently taking this hgh in pictures, started off in 1.5iu daily and am now up to 2iu, feeling pretty amazing, and im feeling as if im really alert to everything. sleeping like an absolute baby but im constantly tired from around 7pm and struggle to stay awake pst 8:30pm lol! very...
  12. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Does anyone know where I can purchase any genuine HGH from? I recently bought 2 Pfizer Quick-Go pens but I'm not 100% sure they are legit. Thanks in advance.
  13. Muscle Research Peptides
    Hi guys I'm new in this forum inwanted to ask about hgh eutropin long acting once a week , if anyone hear about that , actually i lice in korea , i wanted to start my hgh cycle so i found jusg this on in pharmacy , they use it for children fhey said that show more optimal results then evreyday...
  14. Muscle Research Peptides
    Hello guys, Id like to ask you all if anybody has had any experience with Feroxen Hgh? Any positive or negative reviews on this brand would be appreciated. I have really struggled to generally find any info on this product as it only seems avail on a couple of russian sites. Has anybody in the...
  15. Steroid Photos
    Has anyone see these? Look good quality but then again fakes are getting better these days?
  16. Muscle Research Peptides
    Bought 10 boxes of this growth...seems to be working..but i dont know if thats placebo...i just cant find anything on this online..any thoughts? Appreciate feedback
  17. General Conversation
    Hi guys I used to be into boddy building few years ago and had a few cycles with satisfactory results. I'm now 50 I don't train anymore as I work all the time but in construction which always has kept me fit. Last week I ran 1 Mile and didn't even break into a sweat I hadn't ran for at least...
  18. Muscle Research Peptides
    Hi, I'm interested in using HGH at some point for the benefits of Hyperplasia, I beleive that having the increased muscle cells would make it easier for me to retain/pack lost mass back on. If I tapered to 3IU's per day when would I start to see the Hyperplasia (new muscle cells forming)...
  19. Performance Enhancing Drugs
    I am quite new to this gym stuff and was wondering if there any severe side effects of taking HGH? And what is the max amount I can take a day
  20. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Hi guys what is the best HGH I can buy I found different brands also different prices for the same product Is winstrol injections available? I can find oral only thanks Mike
1-20 of 171 Results