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Found 35 results

  1. Saizen Somatropin 12mg (8mg/ml)

    Afternoon guys, hope everyone is well! This isn’t mine and isn’t the best of pictures, a good friend of mine just picked this up this AM and asked me if I’d seen it before. Only growth I’ve ever used was over in China and was Keifei so not come across this. Anyone seen, used this brand/company previously? Thoughts? Cheers UDR
  2. Genetech GH

    Anyone used Genetech Genetropin 10IU kits? Results? Bloods?
  3. Hi can anyone give a little information on hgh such effects, how long your on cycle, how many times you pin, does it make you taller p.s I’ve tried searching online but information abit vivid
  4. Can anyone shed any light on these? @Pscarb
  5. Will be running 4iu of Norditropin NordiFlex that I got from Turkey. Would it make any difference doing it everyday rather than 5 days on 2 days off? Cheers.
  6. Hey guys, i just recently moved to the UK, found this online through a source. is this real? Have been trying to figure it out. thanks in advance
  7. Peptide noob

    Hi guys, Can some one give me some pointers on running one or some of the many peptides that are available. I have read through the description of a few of the chemical study’s but tbh it’s all Greek to me.... I just want to keep it simple. I am going to be running Test400 at 400mg a week split into two shots , 300 deca once a week, Dbol 3 tabs a day - I will be using Aromasine and HGC at 500ui p/w.( first time I have ever used it) what of the many peptides are worth running on a cycle like this? A guy I know runs HGH and has started to see results after 6months! From my research I have found that growth is expensive and a minimum 6 month before you see any results is a massive commitment.
  8. Hybrid trt

    So I'm on test cyp 200mg deca 100mg split onto 2 shots x week, and proviron 25mg ed, not currently using arimidex as bloods not calling for it. Anyone else adding any extras on at all like t3 or hgh, primo , mast or low dose anavar?
  9. I have been using Ansomeone for the past 3 years, and with good results, although I have never done blood tests (but plan to). In the past I have read a lot of controversy and opinions whether the 40iu kids are better than the 100iu kits or if they are equal in strength. Overall it seems that the 40iu kits might be the winner, but I haven't read any recent posts about this topic. I have also read that quality can vary from batch to batch (year to year) so I would like to find some updated information. I have just placed an order and I still have time whether to decide if I want part of my order to be 40iu kits or if i want it to be only 100iu kits. If anyone has any information or opinions on the quality of Ansomeone kits are as of recent, please let me know...
  10. What are people thoughts on administration of HGH? IM or SubQ? I have read many things as you probably have on admin of GH, with some advising no difference, and other saying SubQ admin was applied for medical reason, for muscle growth IM is a more efficient method of administration. Just interested to see how much interest in IM for GH as I have always gone SubQ, but now thinking otherwise.
  11. Hi lads, I usually take around 2-3 iu of hgh eod, I'm thinking about trying out peptides instead. I've read the great write up by pscarb, well done mate, I hope you're doing well now buddy! Probably a difficult question but....is there any amount of peptides that would yield similar hgh levels as 2-3iu eod? 100mcg of both ghrp and ghrh say twice daily?? Or am I pis*ing in the wind? Cheers
  12. Ansomone

    Anyone ran ansomone lately? Planning on getting the newer 40iu boxes directly (the ones without water for injection) and I was wondering if anyone has experience and how it compares to pharma gh here
  13. I have low test my labs are 12.5 test and 0.255 free test I am 45 year old I train with a pt in the morning 5 days week and do jiu jitsu on a night time 4 days week my diet is good i am thinking of taking .5ml test week and hgh any advise would be appreciated
  14. Hi, I just discovered I have thyroid cancer on my left side and been confirmed by biopsy a few days ago .i been on HGH for the past five months at 4iu a day, it feels great and all I guess I would like to stay alive I will get the left side of my thyroid removed this mid of May; I asked the doctor if I should cut the HGH or if it might be the case, he said he never heard of such a thing . Maybe he never had a person taking HGH, or there is not enough information about that. What would you do if you were me ? Cut GH? Continue GH? Also a side question, my right side is clean should I ask the doctor to remove both sides or its too much to deal with and no point of doing so? I don't want headaches in future with cancer on the right thyroid later on.
  15. Hi, my doctor just discovered thyroid nodules on my left side, I am on HGH 4ui 5days a week, should I cut it off or it is unrelated ? also could T3 cycle be the cause of my thyroid nodules?
  16. I need a pct newbie

    Hello guys need some advice. New to the scene. Started on ANSMONE 8 weeks ago three weeks into HG started TRT (sus250 Magnus Pharma). Also been taking anavar since start 40mg. Thinking of carrying on TRT for another 6 weeks but need a PCT for when I finish. I have also been taking Anastrozole EOD. been thinking HCG but can I run this now with the sus and the GH? What other PCT protocol would anyone recommend. AGE:27 WEIGHT:110KG HEIGHT:6,1” CALORIE INTAKE 2000kcal ED.
  17. GenX-Tropin HGH

    Anyone heard about it or tried it? Can not seem to find any information about it.
  18. Maxtreme Pharma

    Hey, Has someone heard about Maxtreme Pharma?
  19. AnYone used GH after a cycle to help maintain gains? Just coming off Test E/Deca course that was 12 weeks and wondering whether to do 3iu of GH for at least the next three months until I start the next cycle. Made some good gains during the Test/Deca cycle and want todo my best to keep them.
  20. Hi guys, Just started a "small" cycle of Test E 500mg ew (moving on to 2 time per week) and HGH (Genotropin Quick Pen) ed 2.3IU.I've experienced a weight gain on about 6.6 lbs almost over night, and i've experienced this in about a week.Is there any logic behind this, due to the Test/HGH?I'm very sensitive to weight gain, since i'm coming from being overweight.I know 6.6 lbs isn't much, and i probably should just forget about it, eat healthy and do my work out. But it's annoying me that i don't know the logic behind it, and i thought maybe you guys did.Have a good day!
  21. Hgh

    Anyone got recommendations for a good quality hgh ? Thanks
  22. Hi, I’m running 5ius of hyges (5 on 2 off) and I’m looking to take Igtropin IGF-1 long r3 post workout. Currently running a TTM course, but from what I’ve read, it sounds like the Igtropin May compliment the hgh well. Anyone have any personal experience of running the two together? If so, did you feel it was worth it? Thanks
  23. Hello, I'm reaching my late 30's and am interested in trying HGH at a fairly low dose for a number of reasons. I have been doing as much research as possible. I've read about the risk of HGH accelerating the growth of tumours and hence should be avoided if you've had any cancer scares. I've recently had a Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC) cut out. These are very slow going cancers which almost never spread. The doctor basically said it was no big deal and kept referring to it as a "non dangerous" skin cancer. I've tried googling to find any discussion on BCC's and HGH but haven't been able to find anything. Does anyone have any insight as to whether taking HGH may accelerate the growth of a BCC? Any help is much appreciated.
  24. Has anyone ever expriemented with the notion of microdosing GH thru out the day so instead of two shots a day of let’s say 7ius you would do .08 shots multiple times a day minus post workout where you would increase it ....theory behind it is you have a IGF tail that stays elevated all day as GH by itself I believe is 3 hour half life, before you go to bed take somthing like mk677 just to help ....i would think this method would occur more fat burining properties to it ....keep in mind .08 IU is example you can obviously do what works best for your body
  25. I am 41 years old and been on TRT for about one year due to low test levels. I started HGH 3 weeks ago 2iu 6 days a week. I noticed both good and bad sides. My BP(only diastolic) went down from above 80 to below 70. The hypoglycemia that I have been having since the start of my TRT is stabilized now. Great sleep and great feeling of well being. But I got swollen hands, joint pains and water retention due to which I reduced my dose to 1.33 iu 6 days a week in the third week. As I am reading about the best protocol to administer HGH, I am getting conflicting information. I am confused whether I should go for 2.66iu 3 times a week or I should continue with 1.33iu 6 days a week. Although I regularly workout, I am using HGH for anti aging purpose, not for bodybuilding.