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  1. Welcome Lounge
    Hi I'm Adee 41 years old training from teen up to My 30s was in good shape then stuff kinda got in the way. Done some cycles in my earlier days. Been training again with all this covid crap with the extra time on my hands. Training is going really well diet is going good dropped a bit of wight...
  2. Welcome Lounge
    Hello, I'm new in this forum, I can from Russia, and I life in Czech Republic. I. m bodybuilder of competition. Thanks
  3. Welcome Lounge
    New to the forum. Hello.
  4. Welcome Lounge
    Hey, looking for advice and discussion to help me on my fitness journey. I have recently started taking my fitness and health very seriously. I've always been healthy and my weight has never been an issue, but I have never had the physique that I want. Been tall (6ft 4) has left me feeling that...
  5. Welcome Lounge
    Hello...again. It's been years since I last posted here. Plenty has happened and interrupted my training but back on the iron for a few months. Time to refresh and gain some knowledge. Say hi to old friends and new. I'll post a new update on progress shortly ??? Lee
  6. Welcome Lounge
    Just a quick hello. I joined the site a few days ago. I've attached a pic of my progress so far. Been training on and off for a while, I'm currently on my 10th month of this stint. Looking to put on about another stone of muscle.
  7. Welcome Lounge
    Hello everyone! Long time lerker, part time weight lifter, soon to be full time annoying post finasteride symptoms guy!
  8. Welcome Lounge
    hello every body
  9. Welcome Lounge
    Hello guys. I am Mabro and I love working out. I am a writer at promusclelife , I am writing about bodybuilding ,fitness ,supplement reviews and nutritional articles. Just I want to say hello for everyone ????
  10. Welcome Lounge
    Hello all, Just a quick hello.. 25 been picking up weights and putting them down for a couple of years.lots of misguided advice. Workouts and improper techniques trialled and tribulated.. starting to take training more seriously recently been really dedicated love the why not join...
  11. Welcome Lounge
    Hey UK-M! Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is "Attitude Adjuster" and I'm a newbie on UK-M. But I'm certainly not new to either training hard regularly (5-6 times per day week, 1.5-2 hours per session) or to using AAS. I'm hoping to learn from other more experienced UK-M members...
  12. Welcome Lounge
    Hi All, I'm new to the forums, long time lurker but need to get a bit more involved. First prize would be to connect with a handful of like-minded folks in or around Plymouth in the UK, I am completely new to the area. Happy to share anything I learn with others, and as with any newb am...
  13. Member Journals
    Helllllllo. Figured I'd make a log to hold myself somewhat accountable. I haven't been training much lately, at most 4 times in 3 months. Had a few personal problems and also went abroad so it's been a bit of a mess! Anyway, today I got back into my gym and actually, to my surprise hit some...
  14. Welcome Lounge
    Hi! I've recently found some motivation to get in shape and would like some advice for someone starting out. I am 6ft 5 tall (195cm) and weigh around 14stone (88kg). I have quite a bit of fat in the stomach and chest area. My arms when relaxed are extremely noodle-like but they're not...
  15. Welcome Lounge
    Hi everyone! I've just started on here as I want to help improve my fitness, does anyone have any good tips as to what forums would be good for me?
  16. Welcome Lounge
    Hello from strangely sunny Wales ! Anyone else in here from the Cardiff way? All and any advice gratefully received. I ve never had to lose weight before :( quick update I'm female! The name Casper was my nickname in the navy ! Honest I'm a girl
  17. Welcome Lounge
    Just want to say hi to everyone am a new member posted once way back but got no replay be lurking around since but am a lot more active in the gym now so hopefully more frequent posts.
  18. Welcome Lounge
    Hello Everyone , this is KIERAN , I am new here . Hope Good to be on here :)
1-18 of 18 Results