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  1. Cardio & Fitness
    what are my other options. I assume the stationary bike has benefits, but not nearly as much as running, but i just cannot stand it! Does anyone do a cardio excersize that engages them with the same benefits? or do i need to tough out the boredom of running and just do it?
  2. Supplementation
    This is for everyone that hates N.O products. I think its the most over hyped crap ever. Aside from the fact that it is crap, share your hate. If there is anyone that "swears" by this supp, please school me..
  3. Supplementation
    i always use prolabs and love it,i bought designer whey chocolate,very hard to drink can you add something to make it taste better? i just use little water with it now.
1-3 of 3 Results