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  1. Losing Weight
    ive been back in training for a month and took some pictures last nite to compare to the ones i took before starting out... looks like there is no difference what so ever. i know rome wasnt built in a day but im not happy with my body at all, i stick to my diet religiously and train hard 3 days...
  2. Losing Weight
    Well i want to get rid of my little love handles. I'm 5ft 6. size 32, 75kg. But i still have love handles?? I dont eat any junk, always eat clean. Train all my excercises around dead,bench and squats, plus i train very hard. I do 30 mins treadmill 2 x per week. I train abs 2 x per week But i...
  3. Getting Started
    Hi Guys dont laugh, lol only been training for 6 weeks now, have lost a stone and am happy beginning to tone up aswell, has helped my depression and lifted my morale my biggest problem and has always been throughout my life is "love handles" and the "tiny bit of tummy fat that never...
  4. Gaining Weight
    anyone know any online uk stores the sell these handles sorry guys didnt release this is in bulking and gaining weight forum
  5. Getting Started
    hi peeps :) i used to be 25 st i know gross a im now 16-17 ive been using weights and ive built a good strong frame shoulders our out traps are up arms are toned bigger and stronger...but my gut and sides i hate i can grab then wich really lets down everything else ive acheived any advice wud...
1-5 of 5 Results