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  1. Testosterone Replacement Therapy
    Hello everyone, I am nearly at the end of my first prohormone cycle and I need help picking the best PCT I can get, also I don't think I need extra testosterone or maybe I do as I said it's my first cycle would like to know if anyone's got any tips for me on hgh and different kinds, thanks lads!
  2. Pro Hormones
    anyone used Ripped-58 recently? It's a triple-prohormone stack of 30mg tren, 20mg halodrol and 8mg epistane per capsule. Used to be by Dragon Nutrition, now sold under (I'm assuming they are the same as product offering is identical). ANyway, anyone ever used and was it any...
  3. Pro Hormones
    Doing a solo H-drol Cycle with the main target to lose 2- 3% body fat and harden up, i am doing this log for other people to get the information on this cycle as i could not find a decent log. Been training 20 years on and off, but solid for the last 6 years, here are my stats, training, cycle...
  4. Pro Hormones
    Thinking about stacking epi with something else for my next cut, would anyone recommend one of these stacks over the other? or maybe stack epi with something else like LMG
  5. Supplementation
    hi guys, i was just wondering if anybody here has tried gaspari halodrol liquigels or anabol-5 from nutrex??? are they ok to take on there own or do they work better when stacked with something else??? any feedback would be great, thx guys...
  6. Supplementation
    Anyone know where you could get hold of the original Halodrol 50? From what I've read, it seems it was the best thing since apartheid in SA. Anyone ever tried it here?
  7. Supplementation
    hi guys, As anyone tried gaspari halodrol liquigels? If so what did u think of them? Cheers
1-7 of 7 Results