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  1. General Conversation
    HI Guys, thanks for all those that responded about my post about gyms in sunny Blackpool, I managed to train twice whilst there and the gym was good. sorry to ask again guys but I am due to go to the IOW on business for a week, any decent gyms there, that welcome non members, hotel I am...
  2. Classifieds & Exchanges
    Ladies and Gents, We now have much more kit in the venue and we are having a free open weekend this weekend (23/24th January 2016). We are offering special membership to those that come on those dates and sign up. Have a gander on all the usual social sites and at
  3. Muay Thai & Boxing
    Ladies and Gents, We currently have Dave Martin (European Super Middle Weight Free Style W.K.M.A. Champion, WSO Freestyle World Champion, European Kick Boxing Champion and Chanthai Arts International Super Middleweight Champion) taking classes and personal training from our gym...
  4. Getting Started
    Hi, I just wondered if anyone thinks that Cambridgeshire needs a really good body building gym and how far would you travel to go to a good one?
  5. General Conversation
    Anyone know of a good gym in Aberdeen? Currently training at DW fitness but its sooo busy its difficult to get a good session in. cheers
  6. Getting Started
    Hi, Can anyone help? I'm building a gym in my garage. What I lack is a lat pull down machine. They are all so expensive, so I've been looking at cheapish multi-gyms to provide one. The Iron Man 68kg stack for £199 looks pretty good, but I can't find any reviews. Wide-grip pull ups aren't an...
  7. Getting Started
    Any one know of any 'hardcore' gyms in Devon? Off there for a week soon and would like to train at least once there. Ta
  8. General Conversation
    im lookin for a more hardcore gym i live near hamilton in south lanarkshire i was lookin at the tower gym in whitburn but i heard it has closed down ???? any lads or ladies know of any decent gyms i could try cheers in advance Ricky
  9. Getting Started
    i regularly go on holiday to Croyde Bay in Devon which is right by Barnstaple. There is a couple of small fitness type gyms with a small amount of free weights but not enough really. Does anyone know of a near by gym that PREDOMINANTLY has free weights? cheers
  10. General Conversation
    hi im looking for a decent gym that is cheap i go to my college gym at the moment at birmingham college of food which is now ucb but it isnt very good never able to get a barbell and have to use smith machine. im looking to put on bulk so want a good gym with good free weights area and if you...
  11. Welcome Lounge
    hi guys im new to the forum, I'm from N ireland and I have recently moved to Stirling area. I've been lifting weights for a good few years now and have trained in a couple of hardcore gyms back home which are Extreme fitness in londonderry/derry which is a pure bodybuiliding gym which has a lot...
  12. General Conversation
    Can anyone reccommend a decent gym in brisol. I currently use the uni gym where I work, but now that students have returned it's getting ridiculously busy! Ideally has got to be fairly cheap as I'm tied into paying for the uni gym for another 8 months, have pretty good range of weights and...
  13. General Conversation
    Moving down there in November, anyone know of any??
  14. Getting Started
    Can anyone recommend a good guy near Stirling?:becky:
  15. General Conversation
    does any1 know if there r any decent gym's in glasgow? 1 with free weights & dumbells? a hardcore gym would be best.... ps. not looking for 1 with machines only...cheers
  16. Getting Started
    hi,like i said in my last mesage i wanna get in a good shape so would a multigym be a good start and if so which is a good one to start with?
  17. General Conversation
    Dear Community. We are a group of students who are researching the UK gym market. For this purpose we created a questionnaire and would like to ask you to fill it out if possible. It contains only a couple of questions, most of which are multiple choise. We thank you in advance for your time...
  18. General Conversation
    I'm in Newcastle on Business next week. Can anyone recommend a good gym? I'll be staying in the City Centre, but I have wheels if needs be. Ta
  19. General Conversation
    im off on my holidays in july, looking like protaras in cyprus anyone been? and if so did you manage to find a gym while you were there?
1-19 of 22 Results