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  1. Getting Started
    Hi all can anyone recommend another exercise to replace the wide grip pull up that i can incorporate into my two day split as i am totally s**t at them, don't laugh but i can only manage one!!!! yep that's right a big fat ONE, so was wondering if i could try something else? Cheers Dan
  2. Getting Started
    Hello! Just looking into grip training to help with deadlifts. Could you please post some youtube video's of some good grip exercises I can do at my local gym please? They don't have special equipment for grip training though. ~Thanks :clap2:
  3. Getting Started
    Hi, I have been doing some weights for about a year. I have always been naturally very thin - 5ft9, 133lbs, but have gone up to 146lbs in the last year, which I am pleased with. Not looking to get massive obviously, just consistently add some weight month after month. My problem is with...
  4. Getting Started
    Has anybody ever heard of this or ever tried it. I tried it today and it felt really good
  5. Getting Started
    hello been doing wide grip pull downs on machine. i can also do 8 - 10 wide grip pull ups with a bar. please excuse my ignorance but do they do the exact same muscles, if so are the pull ups better - should i stop the pull down machine and go for the pull ups? cheers mick
  6. Getting Started
    what do people think of these. i started off doing 3 x 5 but im now up to 3 x 8 after my work outs. i thinks these make my arms feel massive as well as giving my chest a extra workout.
1-6 of 6 Results