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  1. Steroid and Testosterone information
    I would like to add Winstrol to my cutting cycle, and have a good source for Pcom Winstrol (oral form) Has anyone tried their Winstrol? Did you feel it working well. Or would you recommend another lab?
  2. Pro Hormones
    Just purchased another cycle of Radian Nutrition super drol. Cycled this last spring with tren and test and ran about 7 weeks into my cycle for three weeks at 20ED everyday and then bumped up to 30ED after week 1. ran triumph a few years back and the sides were horrendous but the gains were...
  3. Steroid and Testosterone information
    anyone with feedback regarding SAS Labs? just noticed that quite a few uk shops are selling this labs. never read anything about it here... the past this was also TM/SG territory and after that Triumph/Dimension land..
  4. Supplementation
    Looking to start using some creatine, and found these, which seem to be bloody cheap - any ideas on whether these will work? Cheers Olimp Kre-Alkalyn 2500 Mega Caps | eBay UK
  5. Getting Started
    Please feel free to tell me improvements but it has worked quite well for me over the last 18 months. Also i know there are no leg exercises in there but can't do them as have heavily damaged arthritic knee therefore best i can do is ecliptical cross trainer as it's no impact. Thanks for expert...
  6. Getting Started
    Ok, so this is probably asked a lot, but I couldn't really find a thread so thought I'd ask just in case. I'm just starting out at the moment - about 2 weeks in. I used to run half-marathons, so body fat isn't too bad (11.6% apparently), but I'm a bit lacking on the muscle (30 push ups is about...
  7. Welcome Lounge
    Hi, My name is Steven and i've being working out for many years but not religiously just about once a week or so. I haven't seen that much result during these years of exercise. I'm purely focused in building stamina and speed as I play football.
  8. Recipes
    Any tips guys I just can't make adecent bowl of porridge for sh!t. Either to thick or too watery haha. HELP! Lol.
  9. Supplementation
    Right i've been doing some research and i've come up with this (rightly or wrongly) Ive put this cycle together - can you confirm my dosages are correct and i am ready to roll please? H-Drol Week 1 - 50mg ED Week 2 - 50mg ED Week 3 - 50mg ED Week 4 - 75mg ED Week 5 - 75mg ED Week 6 -...
  10. Food, Diet and Nutrition Info
    Im 16 and just beginning weighlifting to get a nice body and get strong for hockey. Heres how I started my first day of meals meal 1 (breakfast) 2 large eggs-140calories,5g of fat,12g protein(for 2 eggs not 1 each) nature valey oat bar- 200 calories, 8g fat, 4g protein 2 pieces of...
  11. Supplementation
    Pre-Workout -All American EFX Kre-Alkalyn EFX (1 tab) Jack3d Intra-Workout - Gaspari Nutrition SizeOn Max Performance Post-Workout - All American EFX Kre-Alkalyn EFX (1 tab) XF Ultra Peptide 2.0 sooo...What do ya think? I am looking to increase...
  12. Getting Started
    Hi all can anyone reccomend a good solid bench for me to fit in to a power rack, budget is between £150-£200 cheers Dan
  13. Welcome Lounge
    Hello here,s my diet just wanted to no what everyone thought trying to gain muscle and lose fat . Current weight 196 . male age 31. Bf 18 . just taking creatine 5g p day. cardio walk 3mile 5 day a week. Meal 1: shake 40g protein multi vitamin . Meal 2: 3 eggs 100g oats. Meal 3: brown rice 60...
  14. General Conversation
    I am beginning to develop a phone app aimed at the fitness market, which will help users to maintain, improve and measure their fitness. It will take data from a wireless heart rate monitor (chest strap), the phone's GPS sensor and from user input (e.g. weight). Of course this can already be...
  15. Getting Started
    Hi all Can anyone recommend a good set of squat stands and a good place to buy them from? they must be fairly compact as i need to put them away after each use as the Mrs is getting a bit peed off with the ever growing gym equipment in our house. also does anyone use a squat blaster pad? i...
  16. Getting Started
    hey guys im looking into yoga, maybe once a week. for stretching etc.. some say its good for the muscles for bodybuilders, others disagree... just looking for your thoughts on it please... thanks
  17. Supplementation
    Hey everyone im knew to the forum so bear with me haha! Iv been reading alot of reviews on the Pro Horomone Epistaine which apparantly can help the person put on lean muscle and also cut fat would love to hear if anyone has tried this and what the results was? cheers! AC
  18. Food, Diet and Nutrition Info
    I have started a new diet over the past couple of weeks to put on some weight and i am certainly putting on a few pounds along with my new training that im doing but i want to make sure the diet is ok. my calorie intake is roughly the same as before however i have reduced the ammount of sugary...
  19. Getting Started
    Ok well i'm thinking of making a routine to do everyday. I'm thinking 30 mins cardio on a treadmill on a empty stomach, then some weights later. Then maybe some pull ups or/and press ups. I'm really not sure i want a good workout routine to do everyday that will have maximum effectiveness and...
  20. Getting Started
    performance. I found out that running/sprintin are anaerobic exercises. So, basically is this plan good for a beginner who wishes to improve muscle performance/strength. Hope that made sense. Week one Begin with a brisk 5-minute walk, then alternate 60 seconds of running and 90 seconds of...
1-20 of 93 Results