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  1. Equipment
    Dear Members. We are OneUP Sports, Specialized in Weightlifting. MMA, Muay Thai and Gym Gears. We Offer Best Prices for Retail Sales and Wholesale. We can offer OEM services with high quality material. Our Products range consisted on Weight Lifting belts, Wraps & Strap, Gym Gears. MMA & Muay...
  2. General Conversation
    Hi all was just wondering if you wore gloves whilst lifting as my hands are always getting hard callus,s on them and the mrs is moaning that there a bit rough on here tits :becky: so was thinking of trying a pair of gloves out for lifting but thought they my feel abit awkward.
  3. Getting Started
    wots your opinion to girls wearin gloves up at the gym? the reason i ask is that although i haven't been at this for too long and am not liftin particularly heavy yet, my hands do seem to suffer slightly, you kno just at the base of the fingers. don't wanna come accross all flash an'all while...
  4. General Conversation
    Looking to get some new gloves for the gym as my current ones are falling apart. Just looking for some good websites to buy gym stuff really. I'm only looking for leather gym gloves, nothing fancy. If you know of any good sites let me know Thanks
  5. Getting Started
    Hellooo. As im starting to lift heavier my hands are getting sore and now I can deadlift 110KG + they get really sore so I know it times to get gloves or wrist wraps. I will be getting them from extreme nutrition as its time for some more whey powder aswell so what would you reccomend? ~Thanks!
  6. Getting Started
    My set of gloves have just gone through their final days and i need a new pair. Can anyone reccomend some? I need some that have both a good palm support and more importantly a nice and sturdy wrist support. I could try multiple ones, but i thought maybe some of you that have tried some might...
1-6 of 7 Results