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  1. Member Journals
    Thought I'd start a new log helps me keep track of what I'm doing, any input always welcome. Backstory Anyone that followed my last course will know it was a complete bust was just ill constantly, tried taking things out and adjusting doses to work out what the problem was and I think it was...
  2. Gaining Weight
    Anyone know of meal prep ideas for 4k cals a day
  3. Food, Diet and Nutrition Info
    The repeated question over and over once more. I actually just wanna hear if my setup might be a bad idea or a good one. Could it work out, trying to add mass while cutting a little if i went by a carb cycle plan like this: Monday-Thursday:Low carb/low kcal Friday-Saturday: High carb/...
  4. Classifieds & Exchanges
    Selling 3 bottles. Keep in mind I'm an American brah but I will ship free, paypal only. All 3 are sealed. Pick them up for 90 shipped total bundled.
1-4 of 4 Results