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Found 7 results

  1. Hey everyone , Could any of you lovely people give me a hand with this im on week one of my journey . Problem- 1. Im 10 stone and 9lbs , 5 ft 4 2.Muscle atrophy in my legs quite severe its impacting walking and baring my weight .(quads ) 3.How much whey protein would I add to my daily intake of proteins to gain muscle. 4.How much protein should I generally include daily from all sources. 5.should I focus on weight loss at the same time or just muscle regeneration and strength first .(I have no idea) Im doing rowing machine and bike ,plus resistance bands and leg weights but ive been left waiting for dietary plan to help me rebuild muscle which is why I think im not making progress like i thought exercise would do ,but after reading up im guessing my protein intake is not adequate . I had a nasty tib and fibula break and got quite unwell so right leg is more effected ,arms are still in good shape. Thanks for any help guys . stay safe
  2. Hi guys, so im just coming to the end of a complete 1 month SD matrix cycle, seen some extreme gains in strength and decent size. Have pics, weight updates etc etc. was just wondering if anybody would actually be interested in hearing my story, how it went for me, what i reccomend and all the rest of that jazz. Will put some serious time into writing up a proper review if the interests there ATB
  3. Struggle downing 4000+ kcal

    Hey all. I’m here to ask you what can I do to reduce the sickness that I’m getting from eating 4000+ calories. I feel bloated, have problems going to the bathroom. My diet is almost clean (basmati rice, chicken, olive oil, egg whites, instant oats. That’s it) but I’m having a hard time digesting all this food. What can I do? I read somewhere about digestive enzymes... please help. Bulking is a pain.
  4. I have recently seen that a lot of people claim that Test only cycles are rubbish and that they do not yield any considerable gains in comparison to anabolics such as Deca, Tren or even orals like DBOL and ANADROL. Do you think Test only is overrated and not a good mass builder? The rationale is that Test is not really anabolic
  5. Hi guys, first time writing here, ive been training for years, and been on many steroid cycles before, mainly moderate but had some great gains, however I’m looking to step it up a notch, meaning doing a more advanced cycle, i want your take on it please, please tell if I’m over doing it or if some of the products in my cycle are pointless, my goal is to size up hugely, insane gains im looking to do the following 1000mg test e, per week Decca 600mg per week Tren Acetate 100mg Every other day Dbol 80mg every day for 10 weeks Anavar 80mg every other day for 10 weeks Arimidex 1mg every other day these are SiS LAB products i got my usn carb shake and Gold standard whey, olimp bcaa plus 6-7 meals a day What you think? i weight 62kg and 5’4 age 31
  6. Protein v Diet Protein?

    ] So i've been going to the gym for a month or two now and really starting to like it, im looking at proteins but i came to a hault when i saw that there are "Diet Proteins" Here are the links to the proteins i have narrowed down to https://www.myprotein.com/sports-nutrition/impact-whey-protein/10530943.html?rctxt=default. https://www.myprotein.com/sports-nutrition/impact-diet-whey/10530657.html?autocomplete=productsuggestion https://www.phd-supplements.com/diet-whey-powder.html Few questions, do you simply drink "diet proteins" instead of my meals completely? Do these "diet proteins" work for after my workouts, theres much more protein per scoop in these diet ones so im confused on why people would simply buy the normal stuff. Appreciate any forms of help/tips! Cheers!
  7. Gaining muscle during ''PCT'' ?

    Hey. So exactly 24 days ago I have ended my cycle ( 4 weeks of dbol solo, 40mg ED) with a 20 mg dose. I am not using any PCT drugs, only vitamins, natural things. I am fine now, doing bloodwork in 4 days. I wanted to ask, how come I am gaining muscle during this ''pct'' after cycle ? I am doing many exercises with ressistance training, focusing on contraction etc, and seeing good gains. After losing some water weight I look more lean than bulky, shredded shoulders etc. Even though I am feeling more tired in the gym, weights havent gone down signifiicantly, I just have less energy, more muscle pain when doing exercises. Pump is great. Any advice would be highly appreciated, thank you in advance.