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  1. Cardio & Fitness
    Hey i just started to train again after having your depression. I don't know if it's the best way to do it I need someone to confirm it if it's good or not. I want to hit all the muscles 3 times week & train martial arts 3 times a week, but should I train martial arts and weight training at...
  2. Losing Weight
    Im 25 82.4kg. 6 foot 2. 2yrs ago I was 98kg. I am around 18%bf now. I need to cut but when I do, I'll end up looking more skinny. All my lower body lifts are going up but not upper body. Im following fierce 5 program, 3 day full body. Below lifts are 3 sets 5 reps Squat 90kg Bench...
  3. Natural Bodybuilding
    Made decent strength and muscle gains on full body, should I now switch to a bro split or stick with full body? I'm not a novice just to clarify it, been lifting since 2013.
1-3 of 3 Results