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  1. Strength Training & Powerlifting
    Do you train your core?Choose below;No, I never train my core muscles directly.937.50%Yes, I do situps/crunches occasionally.520.83%Yes, I train my core muscles at least once a week.1041.67%
  2. General Conversation
    hi im looking for a decent gym that is cheap i go to my college gym at the moment at birmingham college of food which is now ucb but it isnt very good never able to get a barbell and have to use smith machine. im looking to put on bulk so want a good gym with good free weights area and if you...
  3. Welcome Lounge
    Hi Folks, stocky guy from West Mids area; used to do weights in school and on and off throughout younger days; wanting to 'rewind' a little and firm back up. Does anyone know of or recommend a spit n sawdust gym that has free-weights available in the Black Country area? Advice appreciated.
1-3 of 3 Results