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  1. Supplementation
    right i start tommorrow with my bullets... i weigh 12.11 stone,ive lost nearly a stone in 3 weeks due to illness and not training as much{due to kids being at home}. so i know ive got some natural weight to put on. my friend mr london has started his bulletts so it will be intreting to see...
  2. Steroid and Testosterone information
    just had my last jab today of test eth. 1 how long should i wait till i start my pct 10 days or 14? 2 ive got my nolva sorted but how should i run my clomid i was going to run it at week1 100mg ed week2 50mg ed week3 50mg ed is this ok? cheers gents!!!!!
  3. Member Journals
    Well here goes boys and girls. I'm training with a slight injury in my left elbow so stops me performing some exercises. Monday:shoulder&biceps smiths seated behind neck: 3x12 50kg standing high rope pulls: 3x10 20kg seated dumbells presses: 1x10 21kg 2x10 31kg shoulder hammer press...
  4. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Going to be starting a d-bol & test e cycle in 2 weeks. My head was clear to wot I was going to do until I've read a few threads saying I should use a hcg. What are your thoughts on this fella's my cycle is 40mg of d-bol(4 weeks) + 500mg of test eth(10weeks) darting only once a week milk...
1-4 of 4 Results