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  1. Getting Started
    Had slowly started to make progress with pulls ups just before my gym closed and getting 4 pull ups over 4 sets down. Got myself a pull up bar to use at home and am having massive difficulty with them-tough enough but making the full range of motion, however when I let go of the bar I will get a...
  2. Form and Technique
    Hi Guys I was wondering if someone can help me. I keep getting lower back pain from my low bar squats. After a bit of research I realised it is because of posterior pelvic tilt, or "butt wink". Basically, even with lighter weights, I'm finding myself perform this in pursuit of reaching...
  3. Form and Technique
    Hello everyone male 16 years old ~175cm = 5.9ft ~60kg =132lb Ik pretty lean and tall, Ectomorph's be like. I just deadlifted 100kg = 220lb today.Its probably not my one rep max bc I was able to deadlift easily 6-8 times 90kg 3 days ago. You may think its not much weight (ik its not )...
  4. Form and Technique
    Hello. I hope someone can assist because I really do not know where to go next? I have been following a full body routine for 4 months now & I have had really bad issue with my form for the Low Bar Back squat. When I first started I was very weak & could only manage the bar & now I am still at...
  5. Form and Technique
    Hi there, I'm looking for some advice on my squat form. I'm back squatting with a high bar position. Whenever I hit 90kg or higher i feel my form 'goes' a bit as I slow and looking at videos of myself I see that on occasions when this happens my hips seem to rise faster than my upper body...
  6. Form and Technique
    I'd appreciate it if someone could check my conventional dead lift form and give me any tips/ pointers. Preferably powerlifters...
  7. Form and Technique
    Hi Guys, Can you check my squat form please, I was doing my last set of 5 out of 5 of 102.5kg, been training on and off for 6 months.
  8. Personal Care & Health
    Hi everyone, been training about 6 months now, 4 times a week different body parts following good workout plans and detailed diet etc. I was very weak when I started but now I think I'm up to a decent level strength wise, can do say 4 sets 6-8 reps of 90-95kg incline barbell, 32.5kg dumbbell...
  9. Advanced Bodybuilding
    One of if not the best guide to Squatting I have come across! Was able to use this the same week and my style was more comfortable & effective. Link: :cool2:
  10. Getting Started
    Hey guys I've been lifting since october last year and have made really good progress with my deltoids and biceps to the extend they now start to show without flexing. But my triceps are still pretty small in comparison. I'm currently doing close grip bench presses and diamond press-ups to try...
  11. Getting Started
    I was training today and I saw this bloke benching 120KG but my gosh his form was absolutely shocking! The following picture taken from google is exactly how he was benching if not worse. By benching in this way it surely has no benefit whatsoever? It is by far one of the most shocking things I...
  12. Getting Started
    Today went like this...... Squats, warm up, bar x 20, 60kg x 12 110kg x 12 120kg x 10 125kg x 8 so a 5kg increase from last week, however........... thinking about dropping the weight on my squats, as a spotter, pointed out today that my knees go further out thean my toes, will this make a...
  13. Getting Started
    I've always seen very slow progress from my bench press, such that throughout my life at the gym, my progress on bench press has often been noticed by various gym partners and friends who I see at my gym as being much lower than my progress in pretty much everything else. My pecs are my weak...
  14. Getting Started
    What do you think the best form of training is as I've just started scans routine of mainly 1 workout 1 failure for a 3 day split. But I have been tempted to change and go with cals 2 day programme which he is pretty confident about results. I'm in a bit of a dilemma lol :der:
  15. Getting Started
    Here is a good video by Chad Aichs about squat form. Enjoy :) Redesign player
  16. Supplementation
    I recently purchased a tub of GABA 300 grams, it was much cheaper than the capsules. However the box does not have the manufacturer details on it, so I am concerned as to its contents. If Swanson and others can sell the capsules and print their name on the bottle, why can't these guys too...
  17. Welcome Lounge
    darren greens 18 years old natural bodybuilder been training for nearly 2 years now weight when started i was 9stone scrawny weight now 16stone still gaining weight will post diet pictures etc say my progress would love people to comment and help me out thanks
  18. Member Journals
    This is me benching 100kg for 6 reps ( only see 4 because filmer is the spotter!) Just woundering on some tips about my form? if it right or wrong? 20100803_001 on Flickr - Photo Sharing! Thanks.
  19. Getting Started
    At the moment when I am working out with the seated row, I try to keep my back straight rather than leaning in and then leaning back and pulling the weight. I wasn't sure which form would be the best. Any help would be grateful
  20. Getting Started
    been told not to squat legs past 90 degrees as it strains the knees also read in an article that to build mass properly you need to full squat (and should be a core exercise in a routine) any advice appreciated cheers ****
1-20 of 22 Results