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  1. General Conversation
    Does anyone else get this? It's only when i do preacher curls it happens, when lifting the bar its fine but then as i reach the highest point when there is less strain on the muscles i get a right shooting pain up my forearms. It feels like its in one, or both, of the bones but i'm not sure...
  2. Getting Started
    Hi, I haven't been working out long. I try and do bicep curls, but can no longer progress as my forearms hurt too much. I end the set, and begin again, then the forearms hurt. Same with lat pulldowns - my forearms hurt, but not my lats! What do you suggest? R
  3. Gaining Weight
    i was recently reading that you cannot overtrain your forearms and could/should work them in every workout?? This goes against all ive heard about rest building bigger muscles. A little clarification would be much appreciated.
  4. Getting Started
    It seems that after I work my upper body, say the next day or so, I seem to develop a small bruise on my forearm. This doesn't cause any discomfort, I feel no pain while working out nor has it prevented me from training, but every week I will get a faint bruise on my right forearm, about the...
  5. Gaining Weight
    Hi, the basics first. I'm 21, 5'11" and 81kg. Not a bad shape really, been at the gym for about 4 months now. I was naturally really skinny, when I was 18 I was 60kg. Have put on a decent size on my general upper body, but still have really skinny forearms which look a bit odd against my upper...
  6. Getting Started
    just wondering does anyone train there fore arms on here, must admit,ive missed myne out alot recently. anyone got any good routines
1-7 of 7 Results