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Found 4 results

  1. Im looking to start what will be my forth cycle. I have always used Test E, dbol, var, proviron, winny ( not all in the same cycle). I wanted to try tren but being as powerful as it is, i wanted to know what would be a good starting dose and if i should use acetate as a first time? Any advice would be appreciated
  2. First Cycle

    Thinking about running my first cycle with my buddy. I've attached the plan if some of you pros can review and give some feedback. (Built from Swole Trolls Beginner Post) Both of us are over 6 foot. I'm 260 and hes 230. Both train for strength. both have been lifting for about 4 years. My #'s: 475 Squat, 365 Bench, 515 DL His #'s: 585 Squat, 385 Bench, 535 DL Im working through 2 bulged disks, so i'm doing more hypertrophy/BB work lately. Thanks for the help. TEST.xlsx
  3. So I have decided to run my first cycle. I have done a lot of in depth research, major in nutrition and have been at the gym since the age of 17. (Now 21). So I know my way round a kitchen and a gym, but am a little bit on the dark side with steroids, I’ve tried to clear up this knowledge in the last month. I decided on oral turinabol, as I don’t want my first cycle to be injectable. I found a trusted seller, with good reviews and spoke with him in person. The order arrived today, but under the name “TRINABOL”. My question is, is this a mistake and is actually turinabol. Or is it some sort trenbolone. It has the chemical formula name of turinabol but this through me off guard when I thought I had everything perfectly in place. Could do with some reassurance. Will post a picture of the substance given.
  4. So after having done a lot of research (Or so I thought) I decided I would jump on a cycle of sustanon. My plan was either to take 250mgs once or twice a week. I was leaning more towards 250mgs once a week because of a lot people were saying that this was enough and a safe amount for a first cycle. People were also saying you may as well go 500mgs a week to get the full benefits, as 250mgs may not be enough to yield the best results. After speaking to a close friend who has done a few cycles in the past, he advised heavily against continuing and I am very hesitant to go on. I think that maybe I am not ready to start (at least not yet). However I already stabbed this morning with 250mgs of sustanon and I would like to know what the coming side effects would be if I stopped now. I have Nolva and hcg on hand anyways for PCT and possible gyno side effects. Should I expect to have to use either of these if I decide to stop now? What will happen after only injecting the one time? Appreciate any advice/guidance on this Thanks