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  1. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Alright guys I’m 19 years old and currently running my first cycle , I’m taking 500mg a week of test cyp and have completed my oral cycle of anadrol. I’m in week 7 now and things haven’t really kicked off , I’ve gained 8 pounds so far but could this be down to me just being in a calorie surplus...
  2. Steroid Photos
    Hi all my names Danny I am 22, I'm 5'10, roughly 67kg and I've bin training for over a year now, my diet consists of; 6.30am Breakfast: protein cereal and protein shake 10am Snack: protein bar, chicken sandwich on wholemeal 1pm Dinner; 2 chicken sandwiches on wholemeal, crisp 3pm Snack...
  3. PCT
    Bit of advice please guys I have read a lot of mixed reviews on forums about pct courses. Some people running clomid and nolvadex if they get symptoms of gyno, People not taking anything at all. And some people swearing by the perfect 5 week pct which has hcg, clomid, nolvadex and estrogen...
1-3 of 3 Results