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  1. General Conversation
    Hi Guys, Simple thread to give users a chance to chat to some locals / see who is based where. I myself am 24 years old from Stockton on Tees / Middlesbrough
  2. Getting Started
    Hi all When i use a 5ft bar to do squats or shoulder press,es i find it easier than with a 7ft bar!! anyone else find this?
  3. Welcome Lounge
    Hi guys... I just signed up on here yesterday. I started a thread but cant find it today. Couuld someone tell me where i can find my threads. Cheers
  4. Getting Started
    I mix up my shoulders and triceps but include the main ones. IE shoulder : side/front later raise, arnold press, shoulder press. Tricep : dips, tricep extensions. I was wondering what the main ones are that I should do on EVERY shoulder/tricep workout? thanks
  5. General Conversation
    What women do you find most appealing?Slim women1058.82%Overweight women529.41%obese women00.00%Skinny women211.76%Very skinny women00.00%
  6. Welcome Lounge
    Hey this intellift just want to say hello to all here to find out about different steroids and things tryin to shape up before thirty. Also find safe roid sites to order good quality from
  7. Getting Started
    As some of you may know, I have been going on a goal of cutting body fat and building more muscles. Supplements can help speed the process and I just thought I'd share what I found to help other beginners and save them time. This guide contains comprehensive background on the different...
  8. Getting Started
    hi I'm looking for a good gym in sheffield prefrebly near the sheffield hallam univeristy. I've joined a gym which is £25 a month but the free weights section is always busy so i spend most of my time waiting and then when i do get a chance to get in i have lost all my motivation. If anyone...
  9. Getting Started
    I have been scanning the internet to try and find this out but not having any luck and i reckon you guys will know. What muscle it is that gives you the cut/ridge running from your side along your waist? And can you give me any exercises that will work it thanks a lot
  10. Welcome Lounge
    I just purchased apex all test 350 and really need to know if its real it has silver top i have heard alot of people talking about it just need to know if its real
1-10 of 10 Results