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Found 13 results

  1. Background: I'm a 19 year old male, I had problems with thyroid and probably bad genetics so I had low T and I am now on TRT (125mg/week). I plan on doing two cycles per year where i'll increase the test dose to around 250 and throw in another compound e g deca. I want children in the future so my doctor has prescribed me 250 IU HCG 3 times per week and said he would increase it to 500 IU 3 times per week if Im trying to get someone pregnant. However, HCG is very expensive (£40+ for a 5000 IU bottle) and has to be imported and If I do not want to have kids for 10+ years then the price will be very high to take it for that long. Furthermore, with the use of 19-nors I doubt 250 IU would even counteract the strong suppressive affects - So I am considering dropping the HCG completely and just doing dave palumbo's fertility protocol when I want to get a woman pregnant when I am about 30. Palumbo Ferility Protocol: 75 IU HMG mon,wed,fri 1500 IU HCG mon,wed,fri 100mg Clomid ED 50mg Proviron ED Question: Do you think not taking any HCG for 10+ years and using steroids the whole time will render me permanently infertile, or do you think I'll 99% bounce back with a good protocol and coming off everything?
  2. Just about to finish a simple first cycle of 12 weeks testE at 500mg per week. Felt fine throughout and happy with progress! No HCG taken throughout. My PCT, 2 weeks after my final pin is 4 weeks long with the following doses daily per week: 75mg/50mg/50mg/50mg Clomid 20mg/20mg/20mg/20mg Nolva How long ROUGHLY will it take for the old swimmers to start working again and essentially have a “natural” fertility/sex system?
  3. Afternoon. I've been running a 'Trt dosage' myself of 100mg test e for the last 7 months then 4 months ago added hcg 500iu e3d. Previous to this is, I'd had 2 sets of bloods done at GP surgery due to explaining fatigue, brain fog, grumpiness lack of strength gains in gym, whilst having a very good diet, rest, good routine etc. I'd explained we'd been trying for another baby, we have an 8 year already, for best part of a year then, but with lack of libido I was often not interested or I wouldn't happen. Dr agreed to refer me to an NHS endo, but in mean time decided to cancel appointment and go it myself, knowing that me mentioning trying for a child would be pointless for treatment in their eyes. Got full medichecks bloods done just before I started hcg and I was high normal which I was happy with?! So since then, I'm fun to be around again, libido up, erections up. Can hold things in my head now and feel much younger. I'm leanest I've ever been and feel great, slowing reversing out of diet well. Strength pretty good until lockdown!! So forward 7 months, looking in to clomid and hmg, as sperm levels are obviously too low. I saw that Dave palumbo fertility protocol, but have since seen a few other, one of which is on here. I'm toying with the idea of reducing the test dose and upping the hcg and introducing clomid, with a view to adding in hmg when I can afford enough to start properly. That stuff is £££? Also about to book a private fertility test for me, but with covid that's going to be a while I think. Would it worth having a break from the hcg and start again with the higher dose after a while with clomid and hopefully hmg by then? Thinking 1000iu hmg m w f, 75ui hmg tu thur and 25mg Ed to see how I feel? What are peoples thoughts please?
  4. Hi to all, 43 years old. Was 280lbs now 240lbs Using gear off and on for over a decade. Last cycle was high dosages of test and dhb. But have used pretty much everything at some point. When coming to end of cycle I was rushed to hospital for surgery for a non related issue. My mind was on the surgery. The pct which was just about to start was put in the background. Was focusing on healing from the wound. Surgery was in mid September.... Stress and twice daily visits to hospital as outpatient for weeks. Then Mrs says wants a kid.... Realised I had no lebido, had Ed... Weight suddenly dropped 40 lbs as I realised my whole focus was on my post surgery and nothing else. Fsh, estro and test low. prolactin slight raised.. Maybe due to high stress levels last few Months. Started bloods... 3 months after should have started pct. LH 1.7 (1.7-8.6) FSH 1.24 (1.50 - 12.40) E2 5.9 (11.3 - 43.2) PROLACTIN 25.60 (4.04 - 15.20) TEST 1.63 (8.64 - 29.00) System was clear of all hormones. All other bloods glucose, lipids, liver etc were all good and healthy range. Started WK 1-2 HCG 1500iu week. 3 x wk Blood tested End of week 2 Blood Test Results LH <0.1 (1.7 - 8.6) FSH <0.10 (1.50 - 12.40) E2 19.0 (11.3 - 43.2) PROLACTIN 17.40 (4.04 - 15.20) TESTOSTERONE 7.39 (8.64 - 29.00) Test level went up from 1.63 to 7.39 but still just out of low end. Week 3/4 due to response increased to 2500iu hcg Mon, Wed, Fri. After 4 weeks hcg my test went up to 8.9nmol/l (8.64 - 29.00). So bottom of lower range. Lh and fsh had gone to zero due to the hcg. Felt much better than before. Actually could get wood and sperm. Psychologically much better etc. Moved to clomid/nolva.. Week 5-8 clomid 50mg/day Nolva 20mg/day WK 9 clomid 25mg/day Nolva 10mg/day Wewk 10 clomid 25mg/eod. Nolva 10mg/eod Now at start of week 7 (day 11 of clomid), did a blood test. My test had dropped back down to 1.7nmol/l. A minute fraction over what I was at start of pct! But I was told this was normal. LH had DROPPED TO 1 from 1.7 (1.7 - 8.6) prior and FSH to 0.85 from 1.3 (1.50 - 12.40) and SHBG had jumped to 70.5nmol/l from 52.2 at end of week 4. So while starting to feel better on hcg I switch to clomid and feel like crap.with numbers worse than at testing before hcg. Psychologically very low, low mood, no motivation, the usual for low T and e. Is this the end of the road? My numbers aren't moving with the clomid and realise the plan made for me doesn't probably fit as I'm very shutdown. I've bumped clomid up to 100mg/day with Nolva 20mg which is what I used to do) so don't know if numbers will start to rise. Feel terrible. But I'll ride the wave if there's a possibility I can recover at some point. Was thinking to stay on clomid at 100mg for total of 4 weeks with 20mg Nolva. To try and bring up lh/fsh numbers. Then taper down over couple weeks. And retest bloods 4 weeks post? I appreciate the protocol I was given but I think starting low dose has f**ked me. As I'm so shut down with coma cock. When being so suppressed should have starterd at 2500i.u. of the bat with hmg. Any suggestions on how long I can stay on clomid etc in attempt to try and do a strong pct now? Also should this fail after testing is that it and move on to trt or could you do pct again? If possible I really ant to stay off trt for life.. But I say this knowing how long I've used gear off and on and the risks incurred. My conundrum is 2 fold... My Mrs is old. 43... So her chance sof pregnancy are very low anyway. Im doing a reboot to recover normal hpta but how long if ever will it take and will I have any sperm even. Year plus if ever maybe.?? Or go on trt dose and smash hcg/hmg hope my dick starts working with the test and get some sperm and at least try to conceive after 3 or 4 months My fear is even on trt, no pregnancy and then most definetly no chance of recovery to normal hpta with test useage again. I apologise for such a long winded thread. Anyone who's still here... Thank you.
  5. Right. Get this... I’m being employed by an affluent couple to make a baby with her. The money is big. They aren’t into the clinics. They hit me up and I’m looking to travel to them once a month for a few days (while she’s in peek ovulation) until the job is done. So.... I’ve been on self administered TRT for the past 4 years. 200mg. Test Cyp. A bit of Arimidex to keep E2 in place. “TRT” has been very good for me but I’m concerned that this could make me much less fertile than I would ideally. Otherwise, I’m a pretty healthy 34yo, drink lots of water, eat well, sleep well. Hang between about 10-12% body fat year-round. Also worth mentioning I’m currently on a blast of 500mg test and 270mg nandrolone, which I’ve been running for about 2 months - a bit of caber to mitigate any weird prolactin issues. All good. I’ve got about a month of prep time before the first trip out there. My questions are: What sort of protocols can I look at to optimise my chances of getting the job done? Drop back to 200mg test? Cycle HCG? What sort of protocol? What have you guys done to father kids who have been on the hormones? Any tips or tricks? Thanks in advance!!! Rich
  6. Fertility

    Hi, I am on 300mgvof testosterone last year. I try to conceive a baby. Last month I try this: 2 weeks hmg 75iu M/W/F then off hcg 1000 iu 3 times per week nolvadex 20mg ed clomid 50mg ed proviron 50mg ed From begging I have problems with erection. What could be wrong? It is better going off testosterone? How long could/must I use hmg and hcg to conceive a baby? Thank you.
  7. Good afternoon everyone. So recently I come of steroids July 2019. Me and my partner decided to start trying for a baby so done pct and had a seman analysis. Seman volume 2.5 range 1.5 to 999 Sperm motility 74% Range 40 to 100 Sperm progression 71% Range 32 to 100 Sperm count per ml 23 10*6 ml range 15to 99 Total sperm count 57x10*6 per ejaculate with a range of more than 38x10*6 But of a stupid question but does 57x10*6 mean 57millon? Anybody else had seman analysis. I will upload part of my nhs results Thanks in advance for any help.
  8. Hi Guys, Sorry for long post but hoping you will be able to offer some advice. Have been trying to conceive since my partner came off the pill in Nov 2018 (Had been on pill for about 15 years and is 35 years old). I came off cycle at start of Sept 2018. Have had no joy yet so decided to get some bloods done as I've been really lethargic the past few months, lacking motivation in work and had reduced libido. Background Info Age - 37 Body Fat - Approx 12% Weight - 14st 8lbs Height - 5 ft 10inches Years training - 17 AAS Usage - Past 6 Years with around 10 cycles. Cycle lengths from 6-14 weeks, with at least 4 months or more between cycles. Drugs used Test E, Tren E, Deca, Dbol, Winstrol, Anadrol, Adex. Have always done PCT of Nolvadex and Clomid for all cycles. Have also used HCG and Adex during all injectable cycles. Last cycle was 500mg Test E, 350mg Tren E, 1.5mg Adex and 1000 iu HCG per week. Ran the Test and Tren together for 11 weeks then test only for last 3 weeks. PCT was 350mg of Clomid and 140mg of Nolvadex per week for 4 weeks. Last pin was start of September 2018 and PCT started last week of September finishing end of Oct 2018 Current training - Strength is still reasonable although seems to have dropped about 10% last couple of months and around 25% since I came off last September. I'm quite tired while training and struggling when going over 8 reps. Current lifts Bench - 150KG x 1, Deadlift - 220 x 1, Squat - 155kg x 1 Diet - is generally good. High protein, Medium carbs and low fats. Main sources are eggs, chicken, steak, veg, nuts, oats, potatoes, bread. I've just been trying to maintain weight for past 6 months which is reason fats are being kept low. Carbs also kept low on non-training days. Will eat some rubbish at weekends but usually only 1 or 2 meals and stick to diet rest of the time. Supplements - Multivitamin, Vit C, Vit D3, Omega 3, Curcumin, Zinc, Magnesium, Protein, Creatine, Dextrose Sleep - Sleep has actually improved past few months. Usually could get to sleep fine but would wake multiple times at night and struggle to get back to sleep. Now only waking once and able to get back to sleep fine Libido - Has been lowish since coming off cycle. I can get erections fine when required but rarely get morning wood. Other info - Currently dealing with a lot of stress due to family issue. Work also quite stressful. Blood results below: Bloods were taken at 07:30 Had trained 4 out of the previous 5 days Proteins Albumin 46.3 g/L (Range: 35 - 50) SHBG 24 nmol/L (Range: 18.3 - 54.1) Hormones FSH - 13 IU/L (Range: 1.5 - 12.4) LH - 12.4 IU/L (Range: 1.7 - 8.6) Oestradiol - 27.6 pmol/L (Range: 41 - 159) Testosterone - 8.34 nmol/L (Range: 8.64 - 29) Free Testosterone - Calc. - 0.184 nmol/L (Range: 0.2 - 0.62) Free Androgen Index 34.75 Ratio (Range: 24 - 104) Prolactin - 431 mU/L (Range: 86 - 324) Adrenal Hormones DHEA Sulphate 5.390 umol/L (Range: 2.41 - 11.6) I'm no expert on this but looking at the results it looks like primary hypogonadism? Would this suggest it's not AAS related? (would expect secondary hypogonadism if AAS related?) Going on that theory I assume any sort of clomid/HCG power PCT would be pointless? I'm going to get another blood test in around 4 weeks so don't think i should take anything that will affect the results too much but would it be worth taking some Caber to reduce Prolactin levels? I've always had Caber on hand for when I've done a Tren or Deca cycle but never felt I needed it so haven't used it. Main concern at the minute is fertility so wouldn't really want to go on TRT at this point although that is what has been recommended by the Medichecks doctor if 2nd test comes back with similar results. Also going to get sperm tested but not confident of positive results based on the blood test. Any help would be greatly appreciated and if you need any more info just ask! Thanks
  9. HMG stings on injection

    Hi all, i recently acquired some HMG from DRS LABS and humlog. The drs labs stings on injection, like very painful. I contacted him and he seems to think that because it was delivered to the post office instead of my home the peptide May have had issues , from research an extra day or two sat in the office wouldn’t make a difference and it was stored appropriately straight after I have stuff from humlog that does not hurt. And that went through the same process! Is there a company to test my stuff ? I suspect an issue with the drs labs stuff and I’m in an important time trying to successfully get my misses pregnant. Does anyone else have the same sting ?
  10. Hi everyone just a quick question. I’ve read up a lot about the effect of coming off testosterone and other AAS and the impact it has on your natural levels. And the need for pct post cycle. long story short, my other half was on all sorts for years and came off for fertility reasons over a year ago. His natural level of testosterone was very slowly improving (after pct and use of hcg/ clomid) his sperm count almost a year later is still on the low side. anyway he started a low Dose of proviron daily. In March his test level was just in range. Lh and fsh also low end of normal. he came off proviron a few weeks ago. He had a bloos test a couple of weeks after and his testosterone level has dropped again. Lh and fsh within range. could the discontinuation of proviron have caused this drop? Or are there potentially other reasons his testosterone level is so low but Lh/ fsh are ok? not had another sperm count done! Dreading that! The only other thing I can think of is his thyroid function is all over the place. First they thought he had hypothyroidism but his tsh was rock bottom so the endroconologist said he had hyperthyroidism.. was put on meds for that which made his tsh sky rocket! To really high levels. so right now his tsh is super high. Thank you all for any advice in advance
  11. Blood Work Advice

    Hi All, I was looking for some general advice please, i have been off a cruise for around 6 weeks now, up until my first blood test i was just using Rohm PCT tabs 4 a day, HCG at 500 Iu EOD and 50mg Rohm Clomid i then got my self a blood test on the 11th January with the results below: D.H.E.A. SULPHATE 5.450 umol/L 4.34 – 12.20 FOLLICLE STIM. HORMONE *0.601 IU/L 1.50 – 12.40 LUTEINISING HORMONE *<0.3 IU/L 1.70 – 8.60 TESTOSTERONE 25.7 nmol/L 8.64 – 29.00 FREE-TESTOSTERONE(CALCULATED) 0.475 nmol/L 0.20 – 0.62 SEX HORMONE BINDING GLOB 45.5 nmol/L 18.30 – 54.10 FREE ANDROGEN INDEX 56.48 Ratio 24.00 – 104.00 17-BETA OESTRADIOL *191 pmol/L 41.00 – 159.00 PROLACTIN 182 mIU/L 86.00 – 324.00 After these results i got my hands on some HMG and started using that EOD at 75iu with HCG at 2500 EOD and Rohm PCT tabs ED and Arimidex of 0.5mg EOD. I have since got another blood test done yesterday and my results are below: I can see my E2 levels gone down into normal and my FSH is starting to Rise but my LH hasnt seemed to move. My Goals is to improve my Hormones as my last Sperm Test on the 12th January came back with Zero Count so i would really appreciate help. Thank you in advance D.H.E.A. SULPHATE 5.750 umol/L 4.34 – 12.20 FOLLICLE STIM. HORMONE *1.35 IU/L 1.50 – 12.40 LUTEINISING HORMONE *<0.3 IU/L 1.70 – 8.60 TESTOSTERONE 12.9 nmol/L 8.64 – 29.00 FREE-TESTOSTERONE(CALCULATED) 0.208 nmol/L 0.20 – 0.62 SEX HORMONE BINDING GLOB 46 nmol/L 18.30 – 54.10 FREE ANDROGEN INDEX 28.04 Ratio 24.00 – 104.00 17-BETA OESTRADIOL 42.8 pmol/L 41.00 – 159.00 PROLACTIN 125 mIU/L 86.00 – 324.00
  12. Sperm count fix

    So you’ve been to the doctors and had a fertility test done to determine sperm count and mobility as you and your partner are finding it hard to conceive. You’ve cycled before, not always come off the best you could have. Doctors rang with your results but, didn’t come back in your favour to conceive. They will want to question you on history and give you further tests. what is you next line of protocal if you were to take it into your own hands to be faster than the nhs
  13. Hi all, New here, got a quick question for you all... im 27, done 2 cycles so far and looking to start Blast and Cruise in a August. I don’t know how long for yet. anyway, myself and the missus would like to have a child, but not for a few years at least - we already have one conceived before my first cycle. basically what I would like to know is, am I better trying HCG whilst blasting AND cruising, or just when cruising? I have seen a lot of comments saying Estrogen levels are more difficult to control whilst using HCG especially on a blast, but is it also a waste of time in terms of sperm count/fertility? Am I best to wait until I’m cruising then try HCG at 500iu a week (split into two doses)? btw if/when we decide to try and have kids I may decide to come off instantly to start trying or may change my luck and try for 2-3 months whilst cruising. forgive me if this has been answered elsewhere, I’ve looked and can’t find a decent answer. I know this is very person dependant but anyone with experience in this that gives advice would be massively appreciated.