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  1. General Conversation
    I love PS3, movies, TV shows, and playing on me iphone :D what do you guys/gals enjoy out of the gym... (keep it clean yea :becky: )
  2. General Conversation
    Ricky Gervais , Frankie Boyle, Russell Brand , Jimmy Carr im obviously bored tonight
  3. General Conversation
    Fave exercise is the dips...Love em!! Ive always loved doing my arms, biceps and triceps - the area i am best at and made the most gains... second to them are shoulders... Least fave = back and legs, ugh 2 biggest muscle groups and my weakest links.. Worst exercise = the deadlift.. makes me...
  4. General Conversation
    Hi Im hoping this does not break any rules but I am looking to get a broad range of responses regarding what flavours people like their protein to be etc I would appreciate it if you fill in our survey at It is only 2 questions long and takes under 10...
  5. General Conversation
    Mine At The Min = The Inbetweeners or The Apprentice Whats Yours?
  6. General Conversation
    Who is your favourite body builder, Past and present? For me it's got to be Lee Priest and Sergio Olivia
  7. Supplementation
    Personally I like Dymatize.....
1-7 of 7 Results