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Found 16 results

  1. So Like alot of people, we're all searching for dumbells during this time of crisis, here are some of the best ads ive seen online. PS these are all legit. Post yours below.
  2. Hi guys, fairly new to making a post such as this, I just need some help, I’m wanting to know some of the best labs around for orals ? As I’ve had two really shitty bunk experiences with ‘Elixr’ labs, I’ve tried their anavar and T5’s and had next to nothing out of them what so ever, just looking for some solid labs cheers guys
  3. So for some context I lost a s**t load of weight a while back and have been trying lately to put it back on in muscle. But with all that shredded weight I got some loose skin and a few stretch marks but that’s not my issue. When I sit down, I get rolls and I’ll try to include the pics of them here. And the ones that run across my stomach I’m okay with simply because they look healthy imo. But there’s this great big one that hangs over my trousers that I despise. I’m at an impasse as to how to deal with it simply because I get told on one hand that I don’t have any muscle and thus my skin and fat just slumps there but on the other I think it is fat and that it needs cutting. its the same deal with my abs. I can see a rough outline on a good day but most of the time it’s flat or bloated (I was initially bulking but as of writing this, I’m having second thoughts). some advice would be much appreciated standing up, you can see the stretch marks but I’d say for little or no muscle, looks normal.sat down, it just turns to s**t. It doesn’t look as bad when I am wearing no trousers but just the idea of it makes me think I need to cut.
  4. Building muscle losing fat!!

    Hi, I posted on another website called ‘bodybuilding’ and people on there didn’t believe my situation. I am 18 currently. When I was 12-16 I was 7 stone (98lbs) and couldn’t shift from there, all I did was cardio including swimming, ice skating etc. I ate normally, I wasn’t underweight due to restriction I just didn’t eat until I was really full. I got used to how I ate. Cause I exercised every weekday for fun I needed to eat more calories to sustain which I didn’t have. I felt like I ate a lot too but I love fruit and veg I always have, I rarely ate junk food so it was hard to ever be in a caloric surplus. When I was 17 I stopped all of my hobbies and ate lots everyday, I suddenly went from 98lbs to 115lbs. I felt awful at 115lbs, because I didn’t exercise it was all fat near enough. over time I began to return to a normal diet and I’m now at 109.5lbs. And I believe I’m naturally always going to be on the smaller side seen as my highest weight has never been over 115lbs. Now, I’m skinny fat. I have a body fat percentage of 25.3% . The people on the other forums thought I had issues looking at myself, that I was really skinny and couldn’t see it, but if I thought that I wouldn’t of posted there in the first place. The measurements are all the correct, the percentage is correct, I watched videos on how to make the measurements. ive got a gym membership and I’ve been trying to do weights but light ones as I am so weak. But I’m not sure what to do about calories. I’ve been trying to eat 1500 cals daily to get rid of the fat, then increase my intake to build muscle. It’s difficult because I’m worried about becoming bulky in the end as that’s not what I want. What should I do to get rid of the fat and gain muscle, I’m also a UK 8 and US 4. I can’t buy protein powder by the way, I’m going to university next year but seen as I’m living at home my parents always want to know what I’m doing why etc and they may start thinking it’s an obsession. They are nosy. the nutrition side of things is the hardest part for me, how much to eat, the best way to build muscle. Even at my weight I have bingo wings that jiggle when I shake my arms. And I struggle to button up jeans as my waist is a size 10 and my hips are a size 6. I would love some advice!!
  5. Sis labs clen

    Hi Bought some sis labs clenbuterol tablets 40mcg per tab, Despite taking around 110 mcg of the stuff I don't really feel much of an effect. Been using them for 9 days with exercise and a calorie deficit. Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with these.
  6. Hi guys, so im just coming to the end of a complete 1 month SD matrix cycle, seen some extreme gains in strength and decent size. Have pics, weight updates etc etc. was just wondering if anybody would actually be interested in hearing my story, how it went for me, what i reccomend and all the rest of that jazz. Will put some serious time into writing up a proper review if the interests there ATB
  7. Running Lean

    Hi yes another novice and eye roll! I would really whole hardheartedly appreciate some advice and a little direction. I'm 40, 85kg, lean but toned, very good general level of fitness, I eat healthy balanced normal diet. I've done a couple of injectable steroid cycles before Cambridge Pharma 3 blend test with Dianabol before with great bulking effects. I'm into running at the moment with a mix of upper body weights. What I 'd like to achieve is to get rid of my pot belly so a bit of fat loss, increase lean muscle with genuine STAMINA, obviously no side effects and to keep hold of my gains after a cycle! Anything strengthening tendons/ligaments a bonus. I like to complete my first marathon. Also very important I would consider blood work to ensure all is well and also sourcing good quality supplements!
  8. Weak upper body

    Im 25 82.4kg. 6 foot 2. 2yrs ago I was 98kg. I am around 18%bf now. I need to cut but when I do, I'll end up looking more skinny. All my lower body lifts are going up but not upper body. Im following fierce 5 program, 3 day full body. Below lifts are 3 sets 5 reps Squat 90kg Bench 57.5kg Ohp 35kg Romanian deadlift 72.5kg x8 reps Elbows are tucked in on the way down when benching and flared when ascending. Ohp - pausing briefly at the bottom. Chest up, deep breath, squeezing glutes. I've gained 2kg and a few lb in about 2 months but i think its mainly lower body. Eating more will result in gaining more fat? Tracking calories with mfp. 2900 cals a week atm. 160 grams+ protein a day. Sleeping 7-8 hrs a day. I always seem to 'bulk' then cut but havent seen any real results. What am I doing wrong?
  9. I've been pretty much sedentary for about 1 year and a half. I'm currently not working or studying and quite motivated to start being fit and healthy. I am 1m80 (5 foot 9) and 105 kg (203 pounds) with a high body fat percentage (I would say almost 30%) I started lifting weigths at a club close to my house and doing others things, so 5 times for week I do : About 1 hour a day ABC of weigth lifting (about 4 machines for each group of muscles) A: one day for triceps and chest B: one day for back and biceps C: one day for legs 10 minutes bike before + 10 min bike after About 40 medium intensity tennis against the wall 40 minutes whole body strecth in the nigth Also, I am doing a 30 minutes sauna 3 times a week for relaxation I am doing a nice diet too (about 2200 calories every day). Eating a nice quantity of proteins and about 400/500 calories below my current body burning value. My objectif is mainly being more healthy and confortable with everyday activity. I also would like to have a nice body shape: so basically losing weigth and gaining some muscle (I guess I should focus on losing weigth first, but not sure). The thing is, I have a lot of free time to do maybe 2 hours of weigth lifting of two sessions of cardio or more running/bike, etc... But I know, that doing a lot of exercise can be harmfull and can actually make the progress slower than the rigth amount of exercise. Should I/ Can I do more exercise than that for better and fast results? What should I be doing different or focusing in my activities.
  10. Fat Loss Diet

    Hi there, I'm currently around 19st 7lbs and 35%+ body fat and I'm trying to lose some weight. Over the last few weeks I've started doing weights again (aiming to add in some cardio soon) and my appetite has increased even more then normal so I've basically been eating everything. Now that my body has started to get used to training again I'd like to start counting calories so was thinking of the below diet: 1 4 large eggs (320 kcals, 28g Protein, 2g Carbs, 20g Fat) 4 large eggs (320 kcals, 28g Protein, 2g Carbs, 20g Fat) 2 Protein Shake and BCAA's (160 kcals, 40g Protein) Protein Shake and BCAA's (160 kcals, 40g Protein) 3 400g Turkey Breast with Rice and Light Mayo (908 kcals, 100g Protein, 78g Carbs, 19g Fat) 400g Turkey Breast with Rice and Light Mayo (908 kcals, 100g Protein, 78g Carbs, 19g Fat) 4 Protein Shake, Protein Bar and Creatine (330 kcals, 49g Protein, 15g Carbs, 8g Fat) Protein Shake, Protein Bar and Creatine (330 kcals, 49g Protein, 15g Carbs, 8g Fat) 5 Homemade Beef Chilli (1040 kcals, 120g Protein, 104g Carbs, 16g Fat) 6 Chicken Sausages, 6 Slices Turkey Bacon, Baked Beans and Black Pudding (956 kcals, 98g Protein, 68g Carbs, 27g Fat) Total Calories 2758 2674 Total Protein 337 315 Total Carbs 199 163 Total Fats 63 74 There'd be some changes here and there, I'd have fish once a week, and on top of this I'll be drinking a berries and greens shake each day. If things start to stagnate the first hing I'll be doing is adding in additional cardio then I'll start reducing carbs and finally fat. If you've got any advice on changes I should make then please let me know. Cheers
  11. Losing fat

    What’s the best thing to help with fat loss? Clenbuterol ? Winstrol? I Weight train 4 days a week and high intensity workout 3 times a week, diet is nice clean and healthy and calories counting. Used to weight 12 stone and gone up to 17 last 2/3 years so about time got this gone.
  12. Hi, I'm trying to eat to a 1600 calorie deficit and everything seems to be super high in carbs... Fruit is really high, Pasta and rice(obviously) but they're like for 100g of pasta you get 33g of carbs. If I go over on carbs will that affect my fat loss?? I am also trying to eat 162g of protein a day. Carbs are 81g and fats 72g. Today what I have planned to eat and have eaten is Scrambled egg(2 eggs) and 100g of chicken breast. Then a a small pot of greek yogurt. Then some Tuna(in spring water) with a a bit of light mayo because Tuna on it's own tastes like ass, and then 100g of Fusilli pasta. Tonight for dinner I plan to have this fajita chicken stir fry kit which is surprisingly very low cal and has( 33g of protein, 7.2g of carbs and 10g of fat.) And I've had some melon but even after all that food I still have 702 calories left with 16g Carbs left and 61g of protein and 44g of fats. What Can I do? I am clearly doing this wrong but I don't know if I can eat something that's super high in cal and protein to take me up to my deficit and macros so I Don't undereat, But what if this was to take me way over my carbs goal?? Thanks in advance.
  13. Trying to lose body fat

    Hi, I'm an 18 male and I've been trying to lose about 2-3 stone of body fat and have about 5 months to do so as I am going on holiday then. I am 5'7 and 12st.11lbs. Most of the fat is around my belly and thighs so need to get rid of that ASAP. I've been eating at a caloric deficit of 1500 calories but haven't been meeting that dead on as someday's I'll have about 300-400 calories left but don't eat. I am on my 6th day and Haven't seen any physical changes... My scales that I don't really trust and have ordered some new ones as the one i currently have are quite old, But they have said that I started on 13st 1lbs and I am now 12st 11. I have been walking the dog most days for about 10-15 mins and doing nothing else exercise wise. When the weather gets better I will start running round the fields I live right next to but can't as they have been water logged cause of the crappy weather. Hopefully I can start that next week as weather Is supposed to be a lot better next week. The types of meals I have been eating are: Chicken Breast (oven cooked) with white rice,Porridge, Mince beef and onion with white rice and pasta with tuna(in spring water). I have coffee but Only with 2 sweeteners and a bit of milk. I haven't eaten over my deficit since I started so what could I do to cut weight quicker?? Thanks in advance
  14. I've decided to do a 7 day water fast. After trying a 3-day one, and succeeding, I decided to try the full thing. After having done my research, I decided to trust theories which state how complete fasting does not dramatically slow down metabolism, while significant calorie deficit does. Purpose of the water fast is also to trigger ketosis ASAP, which I will monitor via Ketostix - taking into account they can only help so far. Energy levels will likely be low. However, I'll still aim to train just as hard. Biggest issue apart from hunger? Focus. Starting Stats: Height: 183cms Weight: 93kg BF%: 24 Maintenance TDEE calculated with Katch-McArdle formula: 2774 kcal/day Supplementation: Full ammino-acid spectrum (not just BCAA), in order to minimise muscle loss even at the 'possible' expense of autophagy C-Vitamin: 1000mg day slow release Multivitamin: 1 per day T3: {50mcg per day, thanks to @I'mNotAPervert! and his suggestions, in order to boost metabolism. I recommend reading his FAQ} no T3. Apparently I had understood the exact opposite of what he meant. Of course, any possible results will be slowed down. But damage will be mitigated. Ultraburn: if necessary, to curb hunger and possibly help with focus. What should be expected from this? - dramatic initial weight loss, which is actually water weight - some lean mass loss, alas, inevitable. However, fasting and ketosis should help in protecting it - greater fat loss than lean mass loss, thanks to benefits of fasting and the fact that my fat% is not as low as the average here Before-after Pictures: will be available via PM. Day 1: Weight: 93kg Ketostix: N/A Training intensity: same as non-fast day
  15. Cardio for fat loss

    Hi, I've just finished a mini bulk (first time seriously trying to gain muscle and eat in a surplus) It went reasonably well, although I could have done it with a little less fat gain imo. Female, 25, 5ft4m, 62kg. 20-25%bf, looking to get to 15% in 4 months (realistic?) I plan to use T3/Clen at the end but not until I hit a plateau and am near my end goal. Calories - currently 2000 (down from the top of my bulk of 2200, which was up from 1400 before bulk) 40/30/30 split, mostly clean unprocessed food. Training 4/5 days a week upper lower split rep ranges 5-15 (squat 75kg 5x5 DL 90kg 5x5 etc.) I don't want to drop cals too quickly as I don't want to plateau too early. Plan is to add a weighted circuit in once a week on an off, add stairmaster in for 5-10 minuets after each weight session, and decrease cals slowly. Although I don't want to drop too fast, I want to ensure I' doing enough to shift some fat... will do more cardio, HIIT just not sure how much? Any thoughts? Thanks