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  1. Getting Started
    How do you utilise the trap bar for squats? Or do you just use lighter weight and go for more reps. I bloody hate squats as they hurt in all the wrong places eg lower back, knees, neck.
  2. General Conversation
  3. General Conversation
    I would like to ask a question on anabolic steroids and PCT. Understandably the section is closed to none members but I cannot post a question at present. A new member has managed to post in this section with his first post. Any reason why I can't? Cheers
  4. Supplementation
    Basically I get going tomorrow. First few weeks gonna use no supplements just wanna get the routine clock work. Then I will start to use some supplements. Ive came to you for your advice as I want to use Extreme Nutrition. I want to add some mass/ lean muscles etc and up my weight. I will be...
  5. Supplementation
    Ive noticed on your site you no longer sell EXTREME MASS WITH CHUNKS OF STRAWBERRIES, ?? I was gonna buy some tomorrow along with the ammunition lol
  6. General Conversation
    oioi any chance of a kindly mod changing my ID to TheCrazyCal please. didnt really want to change it here as this is the first forum i managed to join(yup i was that puter illiterate lol) i actually managed to put my intro post on UKB`s intro thread! but its about time i got all my ID`s the...
  7. Getting Started
    im thinkin of looking to join a new gym i currently use my local council gym i live in the south lanarkshire area in scotland anybody recomend a good one nearby id be willing to travel to glasgow, west lothian anywhere in noeth or south lanarkshire
  8. General Conversation wheres the post gone? it was started by jay28uk
1-8 of 8 Results