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  1. General Conversation
    Hi, If you didn't see the FAME UK 2010 Championships here it is again... see the HOT Fitness Models & Bodybuilders aswell as the Celebrity Judges The UK Gladiators ! FAME UK 2010 Championships: Angie Weston FAME UK FAME UK 2011 DATES: 4th & 5TH JUNE 2011 @ Excel,London,more info coming soon
  2. Bodybuilding Shows
    If you didn't make it to the FAME UK 2009 Championships ,here it is on Channel 5 : FAME UK is also in Jan issue of Muscle&Fitness magazine,16 pages ! Angie Weston, FAME UK Promoter
  3. Bodybuilding Shows
    FAME Britain 2009 Championships Results and photos FAME UK added a new flavor to the Fitness industry by holding the competition on the beach! There was volleyball, a BBQ & photoshoots on the beach. Traffic stopped and the lifeguards in their helicopters were circling around taking in the...
  4. Bodybuilding Shows
    Hi, The FAME UK 2009 competition will be on Channel 5 on Friday 23rd October at 8pm,it's part of a series called Brighton Beach petrol. FAME UK will also be in Muscel&Fitness January issue(out in Dec). it will be an 8 page article on the winners (which they won as their prize) and show...
  5. Bodybuilding Shows
    FAME UK Fitness & Bodybuilding championship 2009 will be on the Beach in Brighton ! FAME BRITAIN Championships 2009 will be in BRIGHTON @ The Concorde2 venue, East Sussex on August 23rd 2009,Sunday on the beach! FAME BRITAIN had to find a new venue and sponsor for this year due to the SENISHOW...
  6. Bodybuilding Shows
    May 3rd and 4th, London Docklands.
1-6 of 6 Results