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Found 17 results

  1. Got this March Pharmaceutical dbol. Manufactured in 2020, expiry 2024. is that a real product? Can’t find this product on March Pharmaceutical website
  2. Hello,I recently stumbled upon a company called 'Roid-test' who do at home testing kits for specific compounds eg. testosterone. They cost about £30 including delivery and I think they are really worth the money to help put your mind at rest, as there can be a large degree of variance in effects of different compounds and their faked counterparts. For example, anavar is known to be faked with Dbol with catastrophic end results. But anyway, ive seen them being sold on predator nutrition, though they've been out of stock for a month now and I dont think they'll be back in stock for some time. So i was wondering if anyone knew of any similar services that provide at home kits for a reasonable price within the UK? surely roid test arent the only ones capitalising on this.Thanks in advance for your responses.
  3. Is my anavar legitimate?

    Hi guys, First off, I am not a teenager, just a poor name choice in hindsight. I just wanted to see if anyone has had any experience with/ heard of optimum biotech labs and more specifically their anavar. I sourced this from a well trusted friend who knows his thing or two. However I have decided to make this post as I have found little info on the web and am also unsure of the legitimacy of my friends primary source. The friend is/ has took this anavar, however is currently on a cycle with other compounds more specifically strong ones so I am not sure if i can take his word at real value when he claims it to be real var. I have only ever dabbled in var before and was extremely sensitive to it so am worried that if it is something else i will blow up and look seriously obvious as well as not achieve the results I am after. Please dont shoot me for choosing an oral only cycle, I am aiming to compete and have been training for 5 years now, anavar is literally all I need to give me that little extra push and i know this as i have experimented with it once before. Any input would be greatly appreciated, Thanks:)
  4. Trojan UGL UK

    Hello, Anyone ran any of the Trojan labs gear knocking around or have any test results from any of their gear? Cheers DD
  5. Deca Organon Real or Fake

    Hello all, I just buy this deca today, and i'm wondering if it's real or fake anyone can help me? Thanks!
  6. nexgen Pharmaceuticals

    Anyone heard or used nexgen pharma in UK, just wondering if its any good, as can't find anything online about them tia

    Both purchased at the same Turkish pharmacy. Are both legit?
  8. Real or Fake ROHM Winstrol

    Recently purchased ROHM 50mg Wistrol from a website, my usual sources being actual human beings as I don't trust the internet but have been without anything for a while now. Been doing a lot of research into ROHM products and still aren't convinced that this is the real deal, if anyone can shed light on this please do so
  9. Hi Guys, I started my first cycle on testosterone enanthate 3 weeks ago. In week one I did 300mg, week two 450mg and week three 450mg. In week two - the day after my 3rd shot - I felt an upsurge in energy despite poor sleep the night before, and experienced a slight strength increase in the gym. It also felt like my sex drive went up. However, approaching the end of week three and having done 6 shots, I feel no better than I did after the 3rd shot, no more strength increase, no better mood or energy, in fact I arguably feel a little worse. In addition, I haven't started to see any muscle gain yet. I'm starting to worry that the stuff I got is fake. Surely the day after my 6th shot my blood level should be high enough to feel amazing and start seeing gains. Am I expecting muscle gain too soon? How long does it take to start seeing muscle gains on a test only cycle? What other benefits should I expect to feel and when? I'd greatly appreciate some answers because I'm starting to feel dejected. IMPORTANT: I train 5 times per week and eat in a caloric surplus all the time. I do not gain fat no matter how much I eat so any new weight will be muscle or water weight. Please just assume that my training, nutrition and recovery are on point when answering my questions. Thanks guys. UPDATE: The lab is Onyx Pharmaceuticals from Belgium. Anyone had experience with this lab?
  10. Bodyconscious Superdrol

    I ran BC Superdrol for 4 weeks i did not feel anything AT ALL, no gains of any sort. Ths only thing it did was make my liver toxic and raise my cholesterol. I just wanted to share this.... I feel like all the review about BC superdrol are fake on here and are written by the company themselves
  11. SIS labs Anavar 10mg

    Bought Anavar 10mg from SIS labs recently. Verified on SIS labs as legit from them but running a test... I saw this on the testing kit. Looks like Winny to me! How accurate are these testing kits?
  12. Can anyone see if these are g2g the oil was very thin.
  13. I bought these online and it didn’t come in a box it came just in blister pack! Is it real or fake ?
  14. Got these Androlic Oxymetholone (Anadrol). The pack cams sealed, with a sponge and instruction inside. The tablets look very well pressed and have a distinct chemical scent. I attached the photos of the actual pack and the tablet itself. Do you think it is real? Manufacturing date is: 14/06/2014 Expiry : 14/06/2018
  15. ROHM D-bol

    Hey guys, any thoughts on these dbols from ROHM?? When i had them last year, they were lighter in colour, these seem a lot darker, still have the same sort of speckles though. Cheers
  16. I've just got hold of some ISIS Pharmaceutical Anavar 50mg tablets (see pics). After a bit of research on the internet, I've discovered they're totally fake. An image search on Google produced 2-3 images of the same tub with the exact same serial number and dates. I've read that a lot, if not most of the anavar being sold at the moment is fake, with a lot of it being winstrol (stanozolol) being passed off as anavar. I'm not convinced that what I have even contains Winstrol as the level of fakery on the packaging is dire.. Can anyone tell me what these tablets are likely to contain? Can I expect any results at all? Risks/side affects with taking these tablets? and does anyone have any experience with taking them? They're the blue tablets with the ISIS Pharmaceuticals logo on one side and a split on the other. Thanks in advance for the info!!
  17. Anyone had this batch no• 10354 ? Exp 072019 had a search but could only find same batch no• on a Bosnian forum bit wary of galenkia ever since they went to paper labels, but a green and a red ring ? Fakes ? Or just galenkia changing their amps yet again ? Cheers