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  1. Strength Training & Powerlifting
    Just wondering what going on when training legs when you cant do anymore deadlifts but your legs dont hurt at all. Different from the conventional fatigue of failing because of lactic acid build up/pain.
  2. Welcome Lounge
    I was wondering if anyone else is following the musclehack program to see how they are finding it? Or dose anyone else train to failure between 8-12 rep range and getting results? I am also on a low carb high fat diet for 6 days Then 1 cheat day high carb. Bf down 3% from starting program...
  3. Getting Started
    When we go on about till failure does the muscle ever actually fail....I ask this becoz yes say for eg we do bench press say at 100kg and we press till we can't do no more has the muscle actually failed or just failed at that weight(which we all know it's the latter) so in theory the muscle...
  4. Getting Started
    hi all been training 6 months now with very good gains and a good routine / diet / rest / no excess alcohol etc one thing thats bugging me i do 3 x sets of each exercise (eg pull ups) and find with most that the first set i can do say 12 reps, wait a minute then the next set i can only do 8...
  5. Getting Started
    Hi guys (and gals maybe!), What are your thoughts on the definition of training to failure? I've seen it variously described as lifting a weight until you literally can't lift it any more, or alternatively, lifting it until you can't do it with proper form. The reason I ask is that like...
1-5 of 5 Results