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  1. Performance Enhancing Drugs
    My 13 day DNP cycle everyday supps: multi vit vit c 4-5g vit e 800iu v8 vegetable drink My diet was moderate carbs moderate protein and low fat i drank around 3-6litres of water daily day 1-3: 200mg DNP daily, no heat, no sweats, no visual change, no scale change, only sides i...
  2. Supplementation
    Hi Can anyone give me some advice on creatine, i was thinking of getting Extreme Creatine from Extreme Nutrition as i already use there Whey and found it to be quite good. Is Extreme Creatine good or is there better out there on the market? Cheers.
  3. Getting Started
    For anyone who's been bored enough to take a quick glance at my journal of late, you'll know I'm in the early stages on getting my head around DC training. I won't delve into that specifically for now (another thread will follow one day!) but what I thought might prove interesting in the...
  4. Supplementation
    Hi I am thinking of making my first purchase from Extreme, Can anybody tell me the calorie content of Extreme Mass. Thanks
  5. Supplementation
    hi all wats the best suplement to take as in somthing to put a bit of weight on me im a skinny lad iv been looking on extreme's website and the three iv came across is EXTREME MASS. EXTREME WHEY. EXTREME PRO-6, i want to put weight on i only weigh just under 10 stone thanks
  6. General Conversation
    Hi,will this 'stack' be a good kick start to my venture back in to bodybuilding? Is it ok to use this with a protein powder straight away or should i gently wean myself back into training before i start supplements? Thanks in advance,James
  7. Supplementation
    Hello I'm ordering tomorrow, T-Bullet (60 caps) Build & Recover 4.32kg Flavour : Banana Kr-Evolution (240) Is this an good bundle of products? Also whats your lot advise on Build and recovers flavours as considering banana? :)
  8. Supplementation
    Is there any reason why it seems to have gone up by so much of late? Its seems to have gradually been going up over the last few months, now I think its over £8 more than it used to be.
  9. Supplementation
    Hi guys, Ive always used this as my post workout shake and ive just been on the website to order some more and i cant find it anywhere. Can anybody recommend any other post workout shakes? Thanks, Andy
  10. Supplementation
    I have just won class 1 at the NABBA Wales. I only use Extreme supplements and can mainly attribute this years success to them. T Bullets have been amazing, helping me get on stage at 9lb heavier than last September, whilst retaining my condition. I use the whey, Pro 6, Build and Recover and...
  11. Bodybuilding Shows
    Hi all, we are bringing IFBB pro Toney Freeman (The X Man) to the UK to work with us at Bodypower and then we will be doing 3 seminars the following week. May 21/22 Bodypower Expo Birmingham. 10am - 6pm Seminar 1. Thuesday 24th, Ministry of Fitness - Bristol. 6.30pm Seminar 2. Wednesday 25th...
  12. Supplementation
    after trying a number of mass builders i have come to the conclusion that Extreme Mass is the best by far ....... i have put on 12lbs in the last month of good mass and no stomach bloat has anybody else found this to be the case . i usually get stomach upset and bloat with gainers but the mix...
  13. Supplementation
    Excuse my noob question but what's the difference between Extreme Whey and Pro-6?? Also, are either product Aspartame free?? thanks
  14. Supplementation
    And some extreme mass! Couldn't get the discount code to work in pay pal seems like alot if people have this problem to
  15. Supplementation
    hi, am new on this first msg,i dont even know am in the right bit lol but any way iv started 2 take extreme build and in the mornin and then one after a work out.i work out every day 2 diffrent long do i stay on extreme build and recover for? i think ur meant 2 come off...
  16. General Conversation
    Trying to get discount code to work on extreme. i was try to buy some TBullets on extremes web site but it said the code was invalid. UKM25
  17. Supplementation
    As you can see i love my Extreme products. In my eyes they are no:first:
  18. General Conversation
    Ordered some build & recover this morning and some lean-r for the wife,I then got a phone call from extreme saying that they have run out of strawberry and would I like to choose another flavour..... I thought it was nice of them to ring me!........ Now I know you are all thinking so wot but...
  19. Supplementation
    Hi Im thinking of changing from Synergy Iso-7 to one of the above.. Heard great things about Pro-6, but Extreme mass has more of a Protein content. Wondering which one to take for gaining muscle (quick), the only concern is the Extreme Mass comes in massive 4.5kg, which if it doesnt work or i...
  20. Supplementation
    hey there, I'm 17 yrs old, still at school, and I am a complete neewbie to this whole area of supplements and working out. Basically I am about 5"10 maybe 5"11, and I weigh between 55-60 kilos( have no muscle on me atall :s), so I'm looking to get bigger and stronger. I eat well all the time...
1-20 of 85 Results